TIM leaps to the Stock Exchange on the Fratelli d’Italia plan for delisting and asset sales

(Teleborsa) – TIM leaps to the stock marketalso ending up briefly suspended on the upside, after a Bloomberg indiscretion according to which Brothers of Italy would be working on a plan to delist the former telecommunications monopolist and sell the various assets to reduce the group’s debt by more than half.

The party led by Giorgia Meloni, given first place by pollsters in the next political elections, would encourage a takeover bid (OPA) by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP). Afterwards, we would proceed to the sale of assets to competitors for about 13 billion euros – said the source of the agency, asking to remain anonymous – and the sale of the Brazilian unit of the telephone company for about 4 billion euros.

The ultimate goal would be maintain control of the landline. The spokespersons of the Brothers of Italy and Telecom Italia refused to comment on the indiscretion.

Meanwhile, take flight Telecom Italiawhich stands at 0.2367 euros per share, with an increase of 4.37%. Shortly after the news came out it also reached 0.2474 euros per share, before folding. Operationally, expectations are for a continuation of the day in a positive sense with resistance seen in the 0.2471 area and subsequently at 0.2676. Support at 0.2266.

(Teleborsa) 08-12-2022 12:52

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