Tim McGraw draws the line at fans throwing things at him with ‘Heft’

when you think Tim McGrawhe hopes you’re thinking about… well, anything but throwing heavy objects at him while he’s performing, it seems.

The 56-year-old country singer told CNN in an interview ahead of his upcoming US tour on Monday that he thought the recent increase in people throwing objects on stage at concerts was “terrible”.

“I mean, you could really hurt somebody and you could miss and hit somebody in the audience and hurt somebody,” he said. “What happens if someone gets hurt? Then it ruins the show for everyone if someone can’t keep playing.

Just in the last few weeks, Baby Rexha was clocked in the face with a cell phone while playing, and Pink was surprised when someone threw a bag of their mother’s cremated ashes at her while she sang “Just Like a Pill.” Harry Styles was hit by a stranger something in Vienna (he was once attacked by Skittles on stage). Adele recently warned his Vegas crowds not to even think about trying anything, saying, “I fucking dare you. Do you dare throw something at me and I’ll fucking kill you”, while on weekends, Cardi B completely aimed a microphone at a fan who tried to throw a drink at the rapper while she was performing.

McGraw, who has been playing this game for a while, is “used to soft items being thrown at me,” he told the outlet. “And that’s fine, but don’t throw anything heavy that could hurt someone. “So stuffed animals: of course. Throw them at will! Throw them away ! Your Stanley 40 oz stainless steel tumbler? No, man, although they are still hard to find. You’re going to want to keep it on while you line dance to “Something Like That” in your barbecue-stained white t-shirt.

“I just think it’s just not appropriate to do it,” McGraw said, pleading with his eyes while saying he hopes “it doesn’t happen to him” on his 30-city tour. “Everyone is there to have fun, and none of that is necessary. »

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