Tim, Uilcom Uil’s assist: “Takeover bid for Cdp? We support it “

“We got to read the various rumors about the story of the single network and the future of Tim and we believe that the hypothesis of a takeover bid to be launched on the former monopolist by Cassa Depositi e Prestitiis a hypothesis to be welcomed positively and supported ”: this is what he stated Except Ugliarolo, general secretary of Uilcom Uil following the press rumors that Cassa Depositi e Prestiti could rise to the majority of the telco. Hypothesis supported by Fratelli d’Italia, the party currently given as a favorite in the next political elections.

“No to waste of public money for the network”

“It would be scandalous and arouse not a few suspicions the idea of ​​using state money to pay a sum perhaps even higher than the 25 billion euros for Tim’s network, through an agreement between the parties when to launch a takeover bid it could take the control of Tim by acquiring the majority of the company, cui total value, mind you, is now about 5 billion euros. On closer inspection, it would be crazy and, frankly, there could be a suspicion that there may be something unlawful behind it ”, emphasizes Ugliarolo. “This is why we continue to think that in Italy we must do what has been done in all European countries: preserve certain strategic assets through direct state control. It is no coincidence that Tim is a company that underlies the golden power ”.

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Company must return to being the heritage of the country

According to Ugliarolo we must not only look at the “network” and we need a systemic approach and invest all the operating sectors of the company or the entire occupational perimeter, to look to the future with confidence. “Personally, I hope that on this issue, there is the ability and above all the political will to stop the machines on the previous project, which has been dragging on for a long time, sowing only uncertainty and confusion of roles, and to think in a new way by others government that will come out of the vote on 25 September. We will monitor and work to ensure that employment, the reskilling of workers and the value of the company, which must once again become a heritage of the country, are safeguarded ”. We are interested in the future of this company, the people who work there directly and indirectly and what it could create for the whole telecommunications sector if a wrong choice such as the dismemberment of this company went ahead “.

The rumors about Cdp’s takeover bid on Tim

To break the news on the takeover hypothesis was Bloomberg: the group would encourage a takeover bid by Cdp and then sell the mobile and fixed assets (30 million subscribers) to competitors for around 13 billion euros“And then proceed to allintegration with Open Fiber assets As part of the plan, the South American rib would also be sold Tim Brasil for about 4 billion euros The ultimate goal would be to to maintain control of the fixed network after the disposals and to use the collected resources to reduce the debt


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