time passes

Life swings on the swing of the heart.

Does the pattern stay the same?

There is no one in me except you

Sometimes traitors take away love.

When Urgup’s smoke was not coming out, they decided to kill Cemal.

Fresh uncle lost, I am talking to my mother about old days. Suddenly, at tea time, on the floor just above the entrance to Taksim Etap Marmara, the late Sevket Ugürluar of Korkut Koray, whose team also includes Erkin Koray’s brother, comes to the orchestra of the late Sevket Ugürluar, which surprises my mother. It happens. “Not Responsible” is one of my favorite songs with my mom. what fun we had! Actually, we both had a lot of fun and had a lot of fun. We’re sure the entire orchestra was overjoyed too, otherwise why would they have invited us to join them? Let them say thank you, what a great company.

What was sad news in the afternoon becomes clear in the evening. And so, sometimes it ends with songs and a cadence, it happens, “Fesufanallah”. whether or,

Connect with Hababam or in real life. Weren’t they already in real life? Otherwise, how would a real artist express what he feels? And he told; It will challenge the years and generations to come. In the eternal purity of music, form will blossom again.

It’s not even November, but isn’t that the wonder of the seasons?

Arabic hair, our life while we expect help from songs; And

This is Erkin Baba i.e. Erkin Kore, who says, ‘Don’t lie down confused.’

Erkin Baba is the spokesperson of those people who used to wander a lot in the deserted dock and used to say that you are a friend like me, to a lover.

Of course, time will pass…

whether you cry or not

But it says:

“Happiness, happiness…

joy, don’t stop, follow

no time to ask her for love

everyone is different in happiness

Don’t stop my friend, give space to love too.

And thus, an artist, an intellectual who is unique with his lifestyle, i.e. outside the system, he is Erkin Koray.

It made us swoon, it became the touchstone for those who want to be on the swing of our hearts, and most of all, it’s when we actually find love on the swing.

Of course, it is irreparable, neither by its stance nor by its actions and comments.

Heartfelt condolences to the entire arts community, family and music lovers.

Your troubles will never come back, but Erkin Kore will never come back.

Rest in peace wherever you are.


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