Timothée Chalamet traveling to Montluçon, looking for sets for the film Dune

After a stint in Chambon-sur-Lignon, the actor and influencer went to Montluçon to visit the ruins of the city and find inspiration.

The famous actor of the SF film DUNE, Timothée Chalamet, went with his girlfriend to the town of Montluçon, extending his stay in Auvergne. In particular, he wants to find suitable locations for his director for the release of the film, the second part of which is scheduled for November 2023. Indeed, the landscape of Montluçon, according to the actor, could be suitable for decorations of destroyed cities or scenes apocalyptic related to battle scenes. More positively, the castle could also be used for a relaxing scene in a prosperous planet, but to meet the criteria of SF, however, the castle will have to be 40% destroyed.

“Life-size decor”

Timothée Chalamet said he was very pleasantly surprised by the town of Montluçon. “It’s a life-size setting, it almost feels like it. It’s amazing. Everything here seems to have been ravaged during an ancient war, where civilization has since deserted”. These live feedbacks were moderately appreciated by the inhabitants. The latter were however good players and played on their hospitality, offering the famous couple a kebab and a drink on the terrace. “The last inhabitants of this place were very kind. I find them very courageous”, concluded Mr. Chalamet, before leaving for Haute-Loire.

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