Tina Knowles showed unpublished photos from the wedding of Beyonce and Jay-Z! (PHOTO)


Beyonce this is undoubtedly one of the the biggest stars in the worldand with Jay-Z for many years, creating a real power couple. The singer seems to be very concerned about their image and obsessive controls the information that appears about her in the media.

The only scratch on the perfect image of Beyonce and Jay-Z were the fight, which was attended by the sister of singer Solange. After the gala evening MET in 2014, all three entered the Elevator where Solange she lashed out at the rapper, hitting him with their feet, while the unshakable Beyonce was there. This event caused a serious scandal, and that was the beginning of rumors about the fact that the marriage of Beyonce and Jay-Z is not going better.

It was considered then that the rapper has a problem with dochowaniem wife in loyaltywhat had to write an honest album Lemonadein which, finally admits that her relationship is not suitable. The pair managed, apparently, to work out their problems and avoid divorce, but according to some, their relationship is only a business.

Last year, the couple decided to break the rumors and to renew our vowson Saturday celebrated 12. wedding anniversary. Wishes to thrust couple decided to file the mother of beyoncé Tina Knowlesby the way , showing previously unpublished photo wedding and praise yourself that created the dress of her daughter.

Happy birthday, happy anniversary to Bey and Jay. It feels like yesterday they went to the altar – wrote mother of the singer. I hold down the dress that she made! What a beautiful memories. Three children later, and your love is still ongoing.

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