Tina Turner: Simply the Best

Tina Turner is the story of a woman who had to survive the violence of men as well as the violence of white men.

Got Frederick Sigrist on his show TODAY to talk about Tina Turner:

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    “Feminism and Pop-Culture” Published in 2021 (Ed. Stock).

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Rock n Roll!

Tina Turner left us on May 24th. Tributes pour in including singer lizzo And BeyoncéReminded the world how much this artist marked the history of black American music and paved the way for an entire generation of singers.

Tina Turner comes from a small town and grew up in a family where we listened to very little music. Raised by a single mother, she was recognized very early Ike, who would become both her mentor and executioner, and who would turn her into a madcap singer full of emotion and the will to succeed. Tina is a voice recognized for its strength, both its anger and its deep sadness, which will inspire a multitude of singers and singers, especially Mick Jagger,

in effect

Tina meets Ike Turner at a club in St. Louis where she dreams of being able to go on stage. Once on board, she gets everyone to agree by singing a title Bibi King, Seeing her, Ike thinks that she is the real hen with the golden egg. She is not married yet, in reference to which he decided to call her Tina Turner Sheena, a TV fiction star. After two years they get married. Ike has complete control over her and the singer will live sixteen years of marital hell under Ike’s spells,

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An influence that spans the ages

Tina Turner has influenced many black American artists, from Beyoncé to Lizzo. for journalist jennifer padjemiTina has inspired a large number of singers for several reasons: “Tina is an aesthetic, a way of stage presence, but also a heavy story of domestic violence, one of influence that has inspired many African-American artists to tell what the music industry doesn’t always want to hear. Tina Turner had a breakthrough, a fadeout, then lull, and finally came back with a bang in the ’80s. It is one of the greatest comebacks in the history of pop music., It is very rare to have multiple lives in an artistic career. And this is something that has greatly influenced artists to constantly reinvent themselves. ,

a disability that becomes a strength

Born in 1939, Tina Turner grew up in the cotton fields with her parents, where she had to shout to be heard, which eventually damaged her larynx and formed a small lump. What could have been a weakness eventually becomes his strength. For Sebastian Folin : “Tina Turner is first and foremost a blues singer. In the second half of his career, he surrounded himself with pop rock musicians who wrote their songs calibrated for stadiums. , Tina Turner has sold a total of 200 million concert tickets and has become the first black singer to fill stadiums,

life in turmoil

In her autobiography, Tina opened up about her marriage to Ike Turner. A union in which there was nothing romantic from the very beginning. Due to paperwork problems, the couple leaves for an illicit affair to be married in Tijuana, Mexico. That evening, Ike takes his new wife to a brothel. So Tina is going to spend her wedding night among prostitutes.

Tina has an unhappy childhood, an unwanted child her parents would abandon as per their wishes. She would live with host families, with her sister Eileen, with her paternal grandmother, whom she loved very much, and with her paternal grandmother, who was very strict. She would meet Ike while leaving Mississippi to visit her mother in St. Louis. This would be followed by sixteen years of hell, from which she would eventually free herself. One evening, due to excessive slapping, she had to leave with only a few children, along with her four children. Saint In pocket. Ike finds her and threatens to kill her. Afraid of getting caught, Tina keeps a .38 under her pillow. In 1978 the decree of divorce was pronounced. The lights would return thanks to all the artists of the time who were already fans of theirs, such as Mick Jagger and David Bowie. She would even impress the Rolling Stones singer to appear on stage.

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go to rock

Tina Turner always wanted to rock. This artistic deviation was one of the causes of many disputes with Ike. Producer in 1966 Phil Spector Gets him to record a song, “River Deep – High Mountains” who approaches the rock. The song did not perform well in the United States, but was a hit in Europe, where it reached number three in England and number one in France. George Harrison Declared it a perfect song. The Rock is slowly coming to him. The Stones visit him in New York, Janis Joplin While in the room, he goes on stage to duet with Tina. singer transitions from soul to rock, she appears in the music WHOIt was the 80s that established her as a pop-rock singer.

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