Titan Quest with a new DLC; unexpected premiere of Eternal Embers

December 3, 2021, 20:17

Digital Arrow and THQ Nordic unexpectedly released the fourth DLC for Titan Quest. The Eternal Embers expansion will take us to the Far East, where we will face creatures from Asian mythology.

Without loud announcements or any announcements, Digital Arrow and THQ Nordic have released the fourth major DLC for Titan Quest. The extension is called Eternal Embers and let us go back to the Far East. As part of the new expansion, we will face creatures and characters known from Asian mythology, incl. Jade Emperor, Ten Suns or Dragon King of the Four Seas. You can watch the trailer for the DLC below.

Eternal Embers currently only available on Steam ?? like the Atlantis DLC, it will probably also come to GOG and consoles soon? where for the next week, specifically until December 10, 7:00 pm, you can buy them for PLN 64.79 (base price is PLN 71.99). What do we get for this amount? A history divided into four acts, a new specialization, over 30 types of ordinary ?? enemies and bosses, as well as a lot of previously unavailable equipment, including weapons, relics and potions.

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