Titanic sub $ 250,000 trip

The wreck – At 3,800 meters below sea level, the Titanic has been resting for 110 years, the British transatlantic shipwrecked due to the impact with an iceberg in 1912 during the maiden voyage, despite the maximum expression of naval technology of the time as well as the most luxurious vessel never built. The ship ait melted in just two hours and 40 minutes, taking more than 1,500 lives before the petrified eyes of the survivors who witnessed the tragedy from the lifeboats.

The downhill – The expedition will give tourists the opportunity to accompany researchers and researchers. Visitors will also be directly involved in the collection of data and information on the deteriorating state of the Titanic alongside the scholars on board. The descent takes about two hours, but it feels like a blink of an eye. You can help the pilot with communications and location, take notes for the science team that you see outside the porthole, watch a movie and of course eat.

Not just super rich – It seems that tourist travel on the edge is the new trend of the super rich. But the previous dives were also attended by people who used their life savings to participate, such as banker Renata Rojas. “I’m not a millionaire. I’ve been saving for a long, long time. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in my life to get to the Titanic. I don’t have a car, I’m not married yet, I don’t have children. And all these decisions were made because I wanted to go to the Titanic, “explained the woman.

There is little time to visit it Seeing this underwater museum is the dream of many. Of all those who are passionate about the seabed or who perhaps got involved in the overwhelming love story staged by James Cameron in the film with Kate Winslet and Di Caprio in 1997. To do so, however, there is not yet a long time the wreck is progressively deteriorating. “The ocean is taking the Titanic, we need to document it before it disappears completely or becomes unrecognizable,” says Rush. Since its discovery (1985) until today, the ocean liner has already changed a lot. Eroded by bacteria and at the mercy of strong ocean currents, the wreck has already lost the foredeck, the aft deck, the crow’s nest, the gymnasium at the grand staircase and the captain’s bathtub.

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