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This month the Italian drama she rules it. In fact, 2023 opens with a January full of TV series tricolors, including event titles, such as The lying life of adultsalready cult adaptations (Call my agent Italy)comedy experiments (I’m Lillo) and a load of sequels ranging from God help us 7 to The Red Door 3passing through Fosca Innocenti2. There is obviously no shortage of foreign titles – and they are also considerable – but numerically they are inferior to the local proposals. Among the events not to be missed, they stand out Shrinking of Apple TV and The last of us, inspired by the video game of the same name. Below, you will find all the launches in detail.

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The Lying Life of Adults, January 4 on Netflix

To each network, “its” Elena Ferrante. If Viale Mazzini has secured the rights to the saga The brilliant friendthe platform Netflix he bet on The lying life of adults. The transposition of the famous novel will be available in streaming from January 4 and, again, explores the tormented female relationships. This time declined in an aunt – niece version. The protagonist is in fact Giovanna (the newcomer Giordana Marengo), a teenager who grows up in Naples in the 90s: tormented as only teenagers know how to be, she is in search of her own identity and will find in her aunt Vittoria (Valeria Golino) a mirror as magnetic as it is uncomfortable. Also in the cast Alexander Preciousin the role of Giovanna’s father.


I’m Lillo, from January 5 on Prime Video

He is very nice and there is no arguing about this. However, the risk of overexposure is just around the corner for Lillo: after the exploit of Lol, the comedian is practically everywhere. I mean, we just saw him in the Lol Christmas special, and now his premiere is coming too tv series, from January 5 on Prime Videos. The timing is not exactly the best… The idea behind the series is not bad anyway: I’m Lillo he scoffs at Lol, of the biopic genre (the story is fake autobiographical) and also of the same actor. The protagonist is in fact Lillo, persecuted by his alter ego Posaman. Many guest stars, including valerio Lundini, Caterina Guzzanti, Corrado Guzzanti, Maccio Capatonda and Michelle Giraud.


Lolita Lobosco, from 8 January on Rai Uno

She is back. Always on a 12 heel, of course. From 8 January the investigations for Luisa Ranieri aka Lolita Lobosco resume. Two tracks were followed: the official one, i.e. the various cases of bets, and the private one. In fact, ours has now understood that her father was killed by the mafia but the name and surname of the principal is still missing. A piece that she is determined to fill. In all of this there will be room for love, indeed, for a love triangle: an old flame will return to wreak havoc in Lolita’s life.


The miniaturist, from 11 January on Sky

The series isn’t really new: it dates back to 2017 (but, yes, it’s only coming to us now…). However it is the perfect story for Anya Taylor – Joy better known as The chess queenhere struggling with a doll’s house to furnish (every era has its hobbies…) and a series of disturbing premonitions.


The resident 6, from January 11 on Disney Plus

Could there be a love affair more passionate than that between the brilliant doctor Conrad (Matt Czuchry) and Nurse Nic (Emily VanCamp)? Probably not. However, the triangle Conrad (now a widower) – Billie – Cade is not a little exciting us: now that Conrad is coming out of mourning, which of the two colleagues will he choose? We will know in the episodes of the sixth season of The residentavailable from January 11 on Disney Plus. Bell’s illness will also hold the court, as well as his marriage to Kit. And then, of course, there will be the exciting episode hospital cases that have always been a flagship of The resident.


La porta rossa 3, from 11 January on Rai Due

We too, like the ghost Cagliostro, got stuck in limbo: to have the grand finale of The red door, Rai made us wait three long years. But now the wait is over (and we hope it will be amply rewarded): they arrive on January 11th Rai Due the four new final installments. Confirmed all the main interpreters, that is Lino Guanciale, Gabriella Pession, Valentina Romani and Pierpaolo Spollon. Change of guard instead of directing: instead of Carmine Elijah takes over Gianpaolo Tescari.


May God help us 7, from 12 January on Rai Uno

Apparently the “case” Don Matteo (laws: Terence Hill who leaves the series and Raoul Bova arrives in his place) has gone to school. Also God help us in fact, it loses its historical interpreter: Elena Sofia Ricci will only appear in the first few episodes. The baton of the protagonist thus passes to Frances Chillemthe who, after being a mother, wife, widow and then novice, will now take over the reins of the convent. Among the faces that remain, also the very popular one Pierpaolo Spollonmedical drama star Doc.


Fosca Innocenti 2, from January 13 on Canale 5

It won’t be a TV masterpiece, it will drip melò with every shot but Vanessa Incontrada we always like it. For this we will end up watching the second season of as well Fosca Innocenti, every Friday evening from January 13th on Channel 5. At stake, among other things, is the budding love story between the deputy commissioner Fosca (Incontrada) and his lifelong friend, Cosimo, played by Francis Ark and we are curious to understand how it will end. As far as we learn, their idyll will soon be put to the test by uncomfortable third parties, unexpected events and various frictions. And if you’re wondering, yes, there will be a third season: he confirmed it Vanessa Incontrada in an interview with Smiles and TV songs, explaining that the third will also be the last of the saga.


The Last of us, from January 16 on Sky

They are all dead. Almost. The premise of The last of us it could only be otherwise since the series is written by Craig Mazin (the dad of the TV series Chernobyl) and is inspired by the video game of the same name. So, we said: we are on Earth, 20 years after the destruction of modern civilization and there are very few survivors. Among these, there are Joel and 14-year-old Ellie, who together will try to cross what remains of the United States of America without dying as a stone. The cast is to scream with Pedro Pascal as the protagonist Joel, Bella Ramsey (Lyanna in Game of Thrones) in Ellie’s, e Gabriel Luna by Tommy.


Call my agent Italy, from January 20 on Sky

Here we are. The moment has finally arrived: from 20 January the Italian version of Call my agent, the famous French series on the world of entertainment agents. At the center, therefore, there is the frenetic – and very stressful – work of the CMA, or the Claudio Maiorana Agency where the agents Lea, Gabriele, Vittorio and Elvira work: they are the ones who procure engagements and roles for their super star clients. As in the French original, each episode is enriched by the presence of Italian guest stars in the role of…themselves: a short-circuit in the name of self-irony. Among the names involved, the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino and the actors Matilde De Angelis, Stefano Accorsi, Paola Cortellesi, Corrado Guzzanti


The dirty black bag, from January 25 on Paramount +

If you love the western genre, mark this title: it lands on the platform from January 25th Paramount+ the Italian co-production The dirty black bag. A story that flatters the eye to the spaghetti western, revisiting it, and whose protagonists are an apparently incorruptible sheriff (Dominic Cooper) and a revenge-seeking bounty hunter (Doulas Booth). Guaranteed shootings galore, twists and a good dose of shameful secrets: all the characters have at least one skeleton in the closet. But there’s more: in the cast appears the (always very good) Guido Caprino: the actor (1992, The Miracle) plays Broson, a man with a mysterious past. We don’t reveal more…


Shrinking, from January 27 on Apple TV

The title is fairly unpronounceable, we agree, but the story promises sparks. To begin with, it is written by Bill Lawrenceco-creator of Ted Lasso, and deploys a therapist who freaks out as the protagonist. Following a serious mourning, ours decides to ignore any professional ethics (but also common sense) starting to blurt out his own thoughts to patients. Both on himself and on them. That’s right: he says exactly what’s on his mind and, if necessary, he also goes into the details of his private life. The protagonist is played by Jason Segelstar of How I met your motherbut in the cast there is also Harrison Ford who will return to the cinema this year in the role of Indiana Jones. The first two episodes of Shrinking they will be available, on Apple TVfrom January 27: the rest will be released on a weekly basis.

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