TNTVillage, AIE and FAPAV rejoice: the Court orders the removal of all contents

The Court of Milan has ordered the removal of all content from TNTVillagea passage that closes a trial that had lasted for four years. The Court accepted the request of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and of the Federation for the Protection of the Audiovisual and Multimedia Content Industries (FAPAV).

TNTVillage, the most important Italian torrent indexing site for years, allowed anyone to download hundreds of thousands of protected content, including books, movies, TV shows and cartoons. Founded in 2005, it had around one million users. On the platform they were available for sharing without permission 135 thousand book titles and 230 thousand copyrighted films.

The investigations against the site administrator started in 2018, following several reports from the rights holders. In 2019, AIE and FAPAV filed an appeal against TNTVillage, demanding that all content be removed. This request was accepted by the Judge who, with a specific provision, ordered its removal from the site.

In September of the same year, the TNTVillage administrator announced the closure of the site itself, but leaving access to the download open of books, films and other protected content through a specific link published on the homepage, disregarding, in fact, the removal order imposed by the Judge.

The sentence a few days ago, placing itself in line of continuity with the previous decision, not only confirms the obligation to remove illegal content, but once again establishes the legitimacy of requests advanced by the plaintiffs to protect their respective rights.

“We welcome the decision of the Court of Milan with great satisfaction”, commented the president of AIE, Ricardo Franco Levi. “This is a ruling that concerns not only the specific case of TNTVillage, but also some points of great interest, since it equates the files uploaded by the administrator and those uploaded by users of the platform. AIE will continue to fight to counter all forms of piracy “, concluded Levi,” and this sentence goes in the desired direction “.

“A long judicial battle ends positively which represents an important shared success that goes to place itself in a broader scenario and which certifies how the ‘making system’ in the protection of intellectual works can bring even more important results”, declared the President FAPAV, Federico Bagnoli Rossi.

“Through this ruling it is reiterated once again how the illegal making available online of creative works represents a serious violation that involves a dangerous limitation to the exploitation of the rights connected to it, with a worrying economic damage not only for the cultural industry but for the Country system as a whole “.

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