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Wool Condor and Noah Centineo there are a couple, to the sadness of fans. The owner of the heart of the actress is a singer and already have more than 4 years together.

The chemistry between Wool Condor and Noah Centineo it makes their followers to interact romantically. The actors who share roles in To all the guys that I fell in love with live they are very close and in their social networks show the affection they feel for one another, however this is only an intense friendship, the heart of Condor belongs to the actor and singer Anthony of the Tower, who comes from four years ago.

The news that Wool Condor and Noah Centineo there are boyfriends fell pretty bad to the followers of the series To all the guys that I fell in love withthe situation came to the limit when Anthony of the Tower began to receive threats. I can not keep private my relationship with Anthony because people are starting to be really hurtful to him … Is an amazing person and has been an integral part of me, keeping me literally rope”, told the actress to Teen Vogue.

Wool Condor has always expressed the great love he feels for Noah Centineobut this is not the romance you wanted to the fans. On the contrary, the actress says that she is working on a project alongside Anthony of the Tower. “We’ve been working on a very special project for months and months to you. Has been blood, sweat and tears. Have been ups and downs, sobs and laughter, but what we have done together, and that’s what counts.” she wrote on Instagram.

Wool Condor and Anthony of the Tower they met in August of 2015 in their first event of the industry (a party-nominated, Emmy Beverly Hills). They talked during the night, but when the actress headed to his car he realized that was not the phone of the singer. So Condor, ran back and asked him for his number, “Because I have a joke that I wanted to tell you and I forgot it, so probably I will remember more later.” This way is that started the romance between the two, yes, with a joke about kittens.

The groom Wool Condor has had a few appearances on the screen, but his great passion is music. Anthony De la Torre has been interpreted to Anthony Ray on the tv program Nickelodeon 100 Things To Do Before High School. His film debut was playing young Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Such .In 2017 led the alternative rock band, The Fell .

Here we show you the best photos of parea, it is okay not to are Lana and Noah, but also want much.

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