to buy it, for maintenance and to stop paying the stamp, joy for the gifts

Keeping a car is a real drain on Italians.

Expenses from to sustain there are really many and with the increase in the cost of living many Italian families really can’t manage to keep expensive cars.


Many Italians are thinking of selling their cars and registrations are suffering a real collapse.

Three strong aids on the car

So the Italians feel the weight of inflation a lot on the car front but there are three bonuses: three sensational aids that can really help motorists.


The first bonus is for buying a new car. This bonus reaches a maximum of € 7,500 if you buy an electric car and if you scrap an old car. But even for more traditional cars there will be help even if it is lower. Then the government confirms the bonus for the purchase of the new car.

The new bonuses that support motorists

But now there are two sensational bonuses both to upgrade your car and to save money even on the hated tax of car tax. The bonus for upgrading your car is called the retrofit bonus. The retrofit it is precisely the operation that allows you to remove the old polluting engine from the car and replace it with an electric motor. The government will give a bonus of 3,500 euros for this operation. This is a saving of up to 60% of the costs incurred for the retrofit within the maximum ceiling of € 3500. But you can also save on the car tax. In fact, all Italians can have a discount of even 20%, but there are some Italians who can have a 100% discount.

Avoid the stamp

The 100% discount can be obtained by three categories of motorists. In fact, the 100% discount or exemption from car tax is for electric cars but also for cars used for the transport of people with disabilities and also for vintage cars. Instead, all Italians can have a 20% discount if they pay the car tax with the domiciliation on the current account. In fact, paying the car tax with domiciliation on the current account you have a 20% discount. Not all regions participate in this discount but almost all of them do it and pay this way it definitely means having a strong help a big discount.

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