To defuse an argument, change the way you speak, experts advise

Arguments in romantic relationships are unfortunately inevitable. We’ve all experienced those moments when anger towards our partner reaches a fever pitch, we get confrontational, and the quarrel quickly turns into an argument. However, there is a way out of this vicious circle: change the way we communicate. This is what Ivy Miller, relationship expert and mindset coach, advises.

Change the way you express yourself to defuse an argument

Ivy Miller shares relationship advice and thoughts with her 56,500 Instagram followers. Recently, she released a video in which she discusses how to speak to defuse an argument. In her caption, she explains: “Speaking from an analysis will naturally create opposition with your partner. Because he has two choices: 1) agree with your analysis and admit that he did wrong or 2) defend his good intentions, which will naturally minimize your pain minimized.” Ivy Miller explains in video how the conversation should go. She points out that most people unconsciously analyze situations instead of just talking about how they feel. The conversation then remains superficial. The solution would be to “talk about our experience” and our feelings.

“This is what gets to the root of the conflict. The fact that something they said or did triggered pain that…

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