To the Social with Angelina Jolie, lady of the Evil in “Maleficent 2”


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Angelina Jolie returns as the protagonist on the big screen Social Cinema of Luinoand does it assume the role of the “Evil lady” in “Maleficent 2“ the sequel of the successful fantasy weblog Disney and released in theaters five years ago, in the quality of remake/spin-off of a timeless classic: “The sleeping beauty in the woods“.

Plot. Several years after the events of “Maleficent”, with which it has been unveiled what has hardened the hearts of the bad Disney is most famous, to the point of pushing her to stalk the little Princess Aurora, the new film directed by Joachim Ronning leads the public to explore the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora, surrounded by unlikely allies and ever more difficult challenges in the fight to protect the moors and the magical creatures that populate it.

The new cinema week, starting today, will also host two classics of the director’s bolognese Pupi Avatithat on Sunday afternoon, from 17, will be the guest of the Social for the delivery of the Prize is Clear to the Careeron the occasion of which will be interviewed, in the course of the ceremony, by Mauro Gervasini and Andrea Vitali.

In preparation for the event on Sunday, are on the calendar two more appointments with the cinema Avati. Tomorrow (20.45), will be screened “A school trip“ while on Saturday (15 hrs and 17.30) will be the turn of the classic “The house of laughing windows“.

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Below times of “Maleficent 2”: today (17.30, 21) – Friday (17.30) Saturday (15, 17.30), Sunday (21). Still available, finally, tickets for the the show “Pinocchio. Story of a puppet” Wednesday, 30 October. For stay up to date on the initiatives of the Social Cinema, click here.



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