to Verissimo the emotions of marriage

Veterans from a fairytale wedding in the romantic setting of Venice, Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta retrace all the emotions of that day in an interview with very true. The couple sees for the first time the images and videos of the ceremony, the guests and the subsequent party with emotion in their eyes. “Our luck, at the base of everything, are our families” confesses the swimming champion speaking of their respective mothers, visibly moved in the images broadcast in the clip.

Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta: all the emotions of marriage

TO very true Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta relive the emotions of theirs fairytale wedding, celebrated at the end of August in Venice. The entrance to the Church, the exchange of faiths, the “yes”, but also the numerous guests and the evening party in the company of their dearest loved ones: the couple, in Silvia Toffanin’s living room, the emotion in the eyes watching the most beautiful images and videos of the event. “That day was incredible. Being a believer, for me marriage has always been something important in the construction of my life ”confesses the“ Divina ”of swimming.

At his side, inevitable, his father, also very excited on his daughter’s most important day: “My concern was my father, since for him it was a day of crucial importance. I was more worried about his reaction than mine. Entry into the church, as soon as I saw it, I collapsed“. Strong impact also for Matteo Giunta when, in church, he saw Federica enter in all the splendor of her: “When I saw her arrive in the distance with the white dress, it was a blow to her heart. There was a crossing of glancesshe was excited “.

Federica Pellegrini thus crowned her dream of love: “A unique sensation, from the preparation to this emotion that was mounting more and more. We have had stress and strong emotions, being sportsmen, but that is a different thing, for which you are not prepared. In the end they are things of the heart“.

The support of families and a dream for the future

Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, protagonists at the ’79 Venice Film Festival with a dream red carpet, they wanted an intimate, simple ceremony, alongside the people they love and who have always supported them. To the fateful moment of “yes”, the swimming champion did not hide her emotion: “There you are almost afraid, they are very simple sentences but at that moment you are so excited, that even if you just untie the rings from the bearing or say those words, you are afraid of making a mistake. It almost feels like it becomes all super natural but extremely delicate. I have always worn rings on my finger, but faith has a different value“.

After the ceremony, the couple continued their fairytale day with the celebrations. “The solemn part was over, so then the dances started. They started immediately, there was an aperitif, then at dinner we weren’t seated for a second ”confesses Pellegrini.

At the basis of their love, the support of theirs families, present at the ceremony: “I’m overjoyed because I have a super mother-in-law, I was lucky. Our luck, at the base of everything, are our families, where we come from. We have two beautiful families, I am convinced that everything starts from there ”. A dream of love that could bring them a child in the future. “It is our dream. If God wills… ”: the words of Matteo Giunta on the long-cherished desire.

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