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In the next paycheck, some employees may find their salary increased thanks to the introduction of an anti-crisis bonus. However, the bonus will be paid by a specific Italian company to its workers. Let’s see which one together.

An important Italian company has decided to distribute a anti-crisis bonus ayour own employees to help them deal with the current economic crisis.

The 1,350 employees of the company will receive the bonus and by the end of the month will distribute a bonus with a total value of 500 thousand euros.

Let’s see together which company it is.

Anti-crisis bonus for company employees


To introduce the anti-crisis bonus for its employees is illycaffè which by the end of the month will distribute a total bonus of 500 thousand euros to the 1,350 employees who work in the group, present in 148 countries.

The amount of the bonus has not been disclosed, as it will change depending on the country in which you work, due to a number of difficulties.

To announce the introduction of the bonus was Cristina Scocchiamanaging director of illycaffè since January 2022, who in an interview with Corriere della Sera stated:

By the end of the month, for example, we will distribute a total bonus of € 500,000 to our 1,350 employees worldwide. It is the first time that liquidity has been distributed to families, it is added to the coffee that the company traditionally gives. It is a sign of closeness to the workers despite the increase in the costs of raw materials and logistics which for us have risen by 20% this year. Green coffee, the basis of our products, has risen from 110 to 240 US cents per pound, gas costs us ten times that in 2021, double energy, a container of 10,000 euros from last year’s 2,500. But our mission remains to guarantee the best quality.

In the meantime, on October 28 the company will present data for the first nine months while the 2022-2026 business plan is expected at the end of the year.

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