“Today in sport there is a lack of good people like Diego. For the third Scudetto I advise players to go out as little as possible! On Cassano …”

De NaplesDe Naples

At Radio Punto Nuovo, during the Punto Nuovo Sport Show, he spoke Nando De Napoliformer midfielder of the Naples:

De Napoli on Maradona, Scudetto and Cassano

“Talking about Maradona and the first Scudetto is always difficult to explain. I miss Diego as a man and as a person, not just as a player. He was a real and good person, today there are very few in sport like him. Diego? He lent me his Ferrari for a whole day and I went to Chiusano to let everyone try it (laughs ed). Then as a footballer I’m not here to remember who Diego was. The Napoli midfielders? Anguissa, Zielinski and Lobotka can become among the best in the history of Napoli. In Europe and in Italy they dominate, we must congratulate those who took them. The third Scudetto is still too early to say, but there are all the conditions to reach it. can have her say, maybe not the favorite … To the players I give some advice to reach the Scudetto: the fewer you go out the better (laughs ed), the better to stay at home … Cassano’s words? He was an excellent player, is a straightforward person and many times we are wrong a say things straight away. He too will have realized that he said something wrong. “

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