Today’s forecast: what happened on August 7 | Events in Argentina and the world

in the Forecast for August 7 These events in Argentina and the world on a day like today are striking.

1932. Juan Carlos Zabala wins the Olympic marathon

Argentinian Juan Carlos Sabara Winning the Olympic marathon at the Los Angeles Games. Born in Rosario in 1911, he competed in the 10,000m at the Berlin Olympics, finishing sixth. died in 1983.

1941. Natario Botana dies

He lost his life as a result of his injuries in a traffic accident. Natario Snack. Death surprised him in Jujuy when he was 52 years old. Born in Uruguay in 1888, he revolutionized journalism in Buenos Aires with the creation of a daily newspaper. criticism1913. As editor of the evening paper, he became the country’s most powerful and influential media man. He married the anarchist extremist Salvadora Medina Onrubia, and it was his villa in Don Torquato that Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros painted a mural. plastic exercises. Botana’s first grandson was born in 1939 under the name of Raúl Damonte Botana and became known as Kopi.

1942. Carlos Monzon is born

Carlos Monzon Born in Santa Fe, he came from a poor background but went on to become Argentina’s most important boxer.he was consecrated as middleweight world champion 1970 and Retired undefeated in 1977after 14 games. Murdered his wife, Alicia Muniz, in Mar del Plata in 1988.. They sentenced him to 11 years in prison. He died in a car accident while returning from a temporary outing. January 8, 1995.

1942. Birth of Caetano Veloso

One of Brazil’s greatest musicians was born. Caetano Veloso. From Bahia to the world. The younger brother of singer Maria Bethania, his career began in the late ’60s when he was forced into exile in London due to a military dictatorship. His discography includes iconic works such as: foreigner and fine stamp. It has been performed many times in Argentina.

1948.Delfo Cabrera and his second gold medal in the Olympic marathon

Delfo Cabrera He became the second Argentinian to win the Olympic marathon. Runner from Armstrong, Santa Fe wins gold in London. At his 29th, his two other Argentinians, Eusebio Guinez (5th) and Armando Sensini (9th), made it into the top ten. Until the 2008 Beijing Games, no other country had three athletes in the top 10 in the Olympic marathon.when 3 Ethiopians made it into the top 7.Cabrera died in a car accident in 1981.. His victory in London (he also won the first Pan American Games in Buenos Aires in 1951) overlapped with Juan Carlos Zabala’s victory in Los Angeles 16 years earlier. For this, August 7th is remembered as Marathon Day in this country..

2007. Records of Barry Bonds

One of the greatest sports records of the 21st century has been player Barry Bonds He hit his 756th home run for the San Francisco Giants. His previous record of 755 has been valid since his 1974. Years later, Bonds faced doping accusations but was fired.

2011. Death of Leo Mattioli

cumbia singer Leo Mattioli He died in Necochea a few days before his 39th birthday. He was born in Sao Tome, Santa Fe. die from cardiopulmonary arrest. He was a cumbia icon with the group ‘Trinidad’ and later found success as a solo artist.

2015. Manuel Contreras passes away

at age 86 General Manuel Contreras dies, symbol of the terror of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile. After the 1973 coup Creates a DINA organization, the Directorate General of National Intelligence, to serve as Pinochet’s secret police. Contreras is Operation Condor, a coordinated network of repression among autocratic states in South America. Distancing himself from Pinochet robbed him of his job, and the dictator removed him from office and dissolved DINA to make it a National Intelligence Center. In 1993, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for the role. The shooting that killed Orlando Leterrier in Washington. Italy accused Bernardo Leighton of assaulting him. In Argentina, he was convicted of the bombing that killed Carlos Prats, Chile refused to extradite him, but a Chilean court later found him guilty of the act. he added over 500 years to his sentence in his own country.

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