Today’s shaking: Earthquake recorded in Los Angeles, California

This Sunday afternoon there was such an event A 5.1 magnitude tremor In Los Angeles, California just as Hurricane Hillary hit the state coast.

According to information from U.S. Geological Surveyearthquake epicenter Located 4 miles from Ojaiin the county of ventura, california

NBC said residents in those areas received mobile emergency alerts from the Geological Survey’s early warning system.

The tremors came as the Hillary Storm, the first to hit California in 84 years, was heading toward the state with the danger of causing damage. ‘A devastating flood’ The country’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) said it was caused by heavy rain.

Los Angeles and other cities It has already started raining, eviction warnings have been issued in some counties, and water is rushing down the roads.

The Baja California peninsula felt the first effects of Hillary this Sunday, when it made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane and was downgraded to a tropical storm within hours, causing damage to homes, flooding and power outages in various municipalities. caused etc. Saturday.



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