Tokio Hotel and the music video “Here Comes the Night”: How do the Kaulitz brothers look today?

“The song is about my great struggle with nightmares and how sometimes I’m afraid to fall asleep because I never know what awaits me in my sleep” – he says Bill Kaulitz about the song “Here Comes the Night”.

“Sometimes I have the most terrible nightmares for months and it feels like they never end. But I am also fascinated by the night and love it when it gets dark. There is something dangerous and exciting about it and it gives me life” – adds the group’s vocalist Tokio Hotel.

For the video, the band came up with something very special: fans sent handwritten lines that were used in the video alongside Bill’s vocal performance – so each fan got their own “Here Comes the Night” moment.

Check the lyrics of the song “Here Comes the Night” on Tekś!

Recall that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the quartet from Magdeburg did not manage to finish the previous “Melancholic Paradise” tour.

The team decided that the “Beyond the World Tour” will be postponed to 2022. As part of it, Germany will perform on May 14, 2022 at the MCK in Katowice.

“We are excited about the tour and are delighted to finally see the concerts on these dates. All this energy that we accumulate for live performances is almost blowing us apart and we can’t wait to give it our best when we finally come back.” This tour will be unique. It will definitely be like that “- announces the Germans.

We still do not know the details of the new, sixth album of the group. After the release of songs such as “Melancholic Paradise”, “When It Rains It Pours” and “Chateau” in 2019, the next single was “Berlin” with a guest appearance of the Canadian singer VVAVES.

In February this year, the band released a new song “White Lies” with the participation of the German duo Vize. In May, the group presented (again with Vize) a dance cover from the repertoire of the rock legend The Who – “Behind Blue Eyes”.

After the incredible successes of the single “Durch den Monsun” (“By this wind”) and the song “Schrei” (“Scream”), the band became one of the most popular performers in Europe, and at Tokio Hotel concerts there was a collective hysteria of the teenage audience.

Later, the band had to change their style a bit, which could be heard on the next single from the debut album “Schrei” entitled “Rette Mich” (“Save me”). All this because of the “new” voice of the vocalist Bill Kaulitz, who at that time underwent a mutation (and changed image by the way).

The formation has over 10 million albums sold in 68 countries, as well as countless awards around the world.

Recently, it has become louder about playing the guitar Tom Kaulitzu – in February 2019, the musician secretly married a German supermodel Heidi Klumwho is 16 years older than him. It was the third wedding for Klum – previously it was, among others, the singer’s wife Seala.

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