Tom Brady: “Belichick, the biggest story, that it was in the Northeast is tough for me”

Sin Duda Alguna, Los new England Patriots No han sido los mismos desde que, el houra retiredo quarterback, tom bradyTomoe decided to leave the franchise that housed the door, angered by Tampa Bay remove it as a bucanero, Judgment without doubt foxborough A lo largo de dos decades.

As for the previous one, it is true that it was first heard more as an audience in 1999 nflIt is practically impossible, that the actual performance of the team that achieved the glory was not affected, as it happened during an interview with the expert of National Football League, Stephen A. smithSober knew how to feel their distinctive colors Patriot.

,It’s a lot harder than having a toolSince you want me to be busy, Luchando of this manera, I say football is a tough game and I believe the team is good enough to play well together. This way, you are rewarded, and even when things don’t necessarily go right, hard to win,

“O muchas piazzas en nueva ingleterra que hacen las cosas de la manera correcta, But the difference between success and no loss is quite different., A solo pass, a catch, an interception, a tackle; It’s hard to win football games in the NFL There’s a lot of mediocrity in the NFL Of yes, There is no excellence that I like. Creo que el cochio no est tan bueno come Solea Serlo, el departmento de jugadores jovenes no est tan bueno come Solea Serlo” Comment L See you before Super Bowl camp.

To finalize, check the microphones and compare them to feel calm head coach Of New England, Bill Belichick There is a scenario that neither él nor the fans in general could imagine, a team that was not in the hands of ‘Monje’: “He is an incredible coach, in my opinion, he is the best coach in the history of the game. it’s hard to think aboutI can’t be in New EnglanderraConfident that, at the last moment, prepare the team very well” (…)

The NFL and the New England Patriots have a history with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.globe staff

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“Debs tener mucha gente a tu alredador para tener exito, debs tener muchas casas en su lugar para que la organization si exitosa, No Creo Q, it is possible that There was a huge difference in reality, which we had to suffer in 2007, prepared by MISA management team is safe. The results are different, but they are different because this relegation is discouraging. It’s hard for me to think that we are in New England“concluded Brady.

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