Tom Brady supports Drake’s ‘For All the Dogs’ after the album’s successful release

Tom Brady is very excited about Drake’s new album “For All the Dogs” and thanked the rapper for his success. After the entertainment star posted about its release on his Instagram, the greatest quarterback of all time tagged it in his story and wrote:


Of course, LFG stands for “Let’s F**king Go.” It’s safe to say that he’s really looking forward to sampling some of the songs on offer.

Screenshot of Tom Brady’s Instagram Story on Drake’s album “LFG”

Tom Brady has sports on his mind too

Since Tom Brady retired, he now has more time to focus on things other than football. In yet another year, he would be trying to top the division in a battle with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and reach the playoffs with home field advantage.

Now, he has time to consider other things, including commenting on Drake’s “For All the Dogs” album release. But this was not the only thing on his mind.

The quarterback also posted a story about Birmingham City Soccer Club. The English team is now partly owned by him as he has expanded his investment portfolio beyond football. They saw them start the weekend by defeating local rivals West Bromwich Albion. Tagging the soccer club’s Instagram story, the former NFL player also wrote

“This is how you start the weekend”

It is clear to see that even though he is not on the field, his retirement has not diminished his desire to win.

Screenshot from Tom Brady’s Instagram Story celebrating his club Birmingham City’s win

We may not see Drake for a while

It’s good that Tom Brady took the opportunity to celebrate Drake’s accomplishments because we may not be seeing another album from the Canadian artist for some time to come. He will be taking leave to deal with some stomach problems.

“I probably won’t be making music for a while, I’ll be honest. I need to focus on my health first – and I’ll talk about that soon. Nothing too crazy, but as you know, I want people to be healthy in life, and I’ve been dealing with the weirdest stomach problems for years.”

He also said that the sabbatical could last a year or more,

“I’m going to close the studio door for a while. I don’t even know what a little bit is. Maybe a year or something. Maybe a little more.”

Luckily for fans, Drake’s hiatus appears to be more temporary than a permanent retirement of the GOAT quarterback.

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