Tom Cruise paraglides onto a pair of hikers, apologizes and flies off

Imagine taking a leisurely hike and seeing yourself swoop in front of you Tom Cruise that glides in paragliding. This is what happened to a couple on a trip along the steep cliffs of the Lake District in the north west of England. The two youngsters, Sarah and Jason Haygarth, saw the Top Gun actor materialize before their eyes and – once he landed – apologize and then try a new launch.

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The return of Mission Impossible

The dizzying paragliding descent is part of Tom Cruise’s training ahead of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two. The 60-year-old actor will return to play the role of Ethan Hunt. Beside her Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Ilsa Faust. The release date for the first of the two films is September 30, 2022, while for the second chapter it will be necessary to wait until July 7, 2023.

No stand-in

Tom Cruise, it is well known, does not like to adopt stand-ins for his films. Not even in the most risky scenes, so much so that on several occasions he has been the victim of minor injuries. The last episode, during the filming of Mission Impossible: Fallout, which Cruise put it like this: “I was chasing Henry and I had to jump over the wall, but I accidentally kicked him. I knew I had broken my wrist but I didn’t want to repeat that scene, so I kept running. Then I said: I broke my wrist. That’s it, take me to the hospital. ‘

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