Tom Cruise wants a special guest at his 60th birthday party: Prince William

Next July 3rd Tom Cruise will blow 60 candles. An important milestone that the star, as revealed by an insider The Sunintends to celebrate with two big parties: one in the United States, one in Great Britain. And in both cases, the guest list will represent the best the two countries can offer in terms of celebs. As for the party in England, which will be staged at Soho Farmhouse, in the countryside of the Cotswolds Hills, “there will certainly be the likes of David Beckham, James Corden, Simon Pegg ». But that’s not enough for Tom. The star hopes to obtain confirmation from a very special guest: the prince William. “The two have a good relationship for some time now, so William could accept the invitation. His presence at the party, however, will depend on his real commitments ».

That the prince and the star are on good terms we saw last May, when William and Kate Middleton attended the London premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. Cruise, present at the premiere, has laughed and joked at length with the future king. And for a few moments on the red carpet he also “stole” his wife, offering his hand to Kate gallantly as she climbed a flight of stairs.

William and Kate Middleton with Tom Cruise at the London premiere of Top Gun: Maverick

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William and Kate, among other things, had already seen the film in April, when Cruise had reserved an entire London cinema so that the Cambridge, along with a group of friends and family, could enjoy a preview of the anticipated sequel Top Gun: Maverick. A “gift” that testifies to the particular friendship that binds the Hollywood actor and the couple heir to the throne of England. Moreover, Tom and William have known each other for a lifetime. To be precise for 26 years. Mom Dianaa big Cruise fan, in 1995 took his children to Pinewood Studios in London where they were shooting some scenes of Mission: Impossible. Apparently at the time the princess longed for a relationship with the actor. But after the first meeting – which happened in 1992 at the London premiere of Rebel Heartswhich was also present Nicole Kidman, still Cruise’s wife at the time – lady D was decidedly disappointed by the height of the star: “It’s too low for me!He would have confided to chef McGrady on his way back to Kensington Palace.

True or not, William has maintained an excellent relationship with Tom over the decades. On the other hand, the two, as he explained in the prince, have “a lot in common”: “We both love England, we are both pilots and we love to fly“. Now Cruise is about to turn 60 and has a dream: the queen’s nephew has to be present at her birthday party, and maybe sing “Happy Birthday to you.” Whether it is a “Mission Impossible” or not, we will know in a few days.

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