Tom Cruise, Will Smith and all the snubs at the Golden Globes 2023

Obviously, after the scandal at the last Oscars and the slap to Chris Rock it was unthinkable to imagine a nomination for Will Smith and his performance in Emancipation – Beyond freedom. And in fact the recent nominations for the Golden Globes 2023 have completely snubbed the actor. But there are also other illustrious victims such as Tom Cruise.

As for movies, the Golden Globes have once again neglected to nominate a woman in the Best Director category. For the rest, the biggest surprises of the morning were the impressive result of Babylonthe less than impressive one of Women Talking and the absolute lack of nominations for emancipation with Will Smith.

Plus, Brendan Fraser — who accused former HFPA chair Philip Berk of groping him in 2018 and has already said he wouldn’t have attended the ceremony if nominated — he was actually nominated for his performance in The Whale. (Berk was kicked out of the HFPA not for Fraser’s allegations, but for sending an internal email in which he called Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement” in 2021). However, Fraser has already stated that he would not attend the awards ceremony.

If the definitive moment that sent the Golden Globes’ reputation plummeting in 2021 was when Tom Cruise decided to return the three trophies he won – for Born on the Fourth of July (best actor, drama), Jerry Maguire (best actor, comedy or Musical) and Magnolia (Best Supporting Actor) – to protest the lack of diversity within the HFPA.

It is impossible to know for sure whether that is why the HFPA decided not to nominate Cruise for his performance in Top Gun: Maverick, or the film that alone saved cinemas this year. The film earned nominations for Best Drama and Best Song (for Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand”). But given the near-universal enthusiasm for the film, deep admiration for Cruise’s charisma, and the Globes’ insatiable love of nominating gigantic movie stars, it’s somewhat surprising that he’s not among this year’s nominees.

Among the great snubs we can also mention Harry Styles for both Don’t Worry Darling nor for The Policeman; Jennifer Lawrence completely ignored with her Causewayas well as Julia Roberts and box office success Ticket to Paradise (instead, it was nominated between the series for Gaslit).

On these pages you will find the Golden Globes 2023 TV nominations.

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