Tom Hanks admits taking care of his grandchildren is ‘better than TV’

Tom Hanks loves being a grandfather and says looking after “little kids” is “better than TV”.

The ‘Forrest Gump’ star and his wife Rita Wilson have two children – Chet, 32, and Truman, 27 – while Tom is also father to Colin, 45, and Elizabeth, 41, from his previous marriage.

The Hollywood couple has three granddaughters – Colin’s two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte, and Chet’s daughter, Micaiah.

TODAY Tom opens up about his life as a grandfather and jokingly calls his granddaughters ‘little pests’. In an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight’, he laughed and said: ‘You just have to love these little kids and they’re better than TV.’

Rita retorted, “They’re not babies, they’re wonderful young ladies.”

The actress emphasized that the best way to be a great-grandfather is to spend time with the kids as they grow up, adding, “You have to go on the trampoline with them, go to the pool with them, the tennis court, all the sports.” Do. You just have to spend time with them.”

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