Tomato Virus Alert throughout Italy: this is what is lighting up

For a few days we have been trying to understand where this new is spreading Virus, a virus that is affecting young people and children the most. For this reason, you have to be very careful about what you buy and what little tomato you have to pay attention to from now on. In Italy it is very important the tomato marketfor this reason such news could destroy the economy of our state.

Italy has suffered many times because of its economy. For this reason, in recent years, for financial and economic reasons, we have tried to increase crops so as not to lower the Italian economic level too much. In recent years, therefore, it was thought to influence our crops with new fertilizers and with some new substanceswhich allowed the nourishing fruits and crops not to be affected by drought and lack of care.

A miracle can be assumed, but no one ever thinks about what could cause these new substances to our body. Nobody could have guessed that tomato could convey a typology of virus because of these new toxic substances or less used to abound our production in the market.

The virus still doesn’t have a name, let’s just call it the Tomato Virus, a novelty that is upsetting the whole of Italy and in the worst case it can even spread to other countries. The brand of it is still unknown tomato not to be consumed, we can only advise you to be very careful or to completely avoid buying and selling tomatoes for now to prevent this epidemic.

Symptoms of this virus, are the usual of a simple seasonal flu only with a few more patches in the skin. Fever, cough, sore throat, sweating, shortness of breath and intercostal pains, stomach pain and intestinal discharges. Nothing serious can cause this fateful virus, you just have to be careful of the youngest and children who are affected most of all in this period.

The few immunitary defense in the stomach of children makes them more vulnerable to this virus. Finally, we recommend that you pay close attention to this tomato and to strengthen the immune defenses of our children to the maximum, otherwise contact your trusted doctor immediately.

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