Tommy Hilfiger: “To conquer Gen Z I focus on fashiontainment”

Tommy Hilfiger:
Tommy Hilfiger during his speech

The future of Tommy Hilfiger? “We will be very involved in the metaverse, we love the world of video games but we are trying to further surprise our audience by thinking of big projects for 2023 and 2024. The next step will always be a surprise”. This is how the American stylist, principal designer of the brand of Pvhdescribes the projects in progress on the occasion of the MFGS-Milano fashion global summit 2022after a year marked by a comeback on the official New York calendar with a show between physical and digital (see MFF of 14 September).

“This show integrated a streaming part thanks to a videogame via Roblox, which worked very well. The whole community in the world has joined the initiative which took place in parallel with the live show in a formula that we call phygital », explained Hilfiger. «Today to conquer Gen Z you have to speak the language that revolves around TikTok, to video games, to the metaverse… I think we are one step ahead of our competitors and we continue to watch what is happening in the digital world to be effective and present. We sell digital skins, produced in the metaverse and when gamers receive compliments for what they wear in the digital world, then they buy real products, in a dialogue between digital and physical ».

The important thing is to continue to entertain the public with a formula that Hilfiger defines as: «Fashiontainment. Because fashion must be fun, novelty, disruptive in a certain sense ». And also involve international stars, known for their media power. Give her Kardashian to Gigi Hadidwho has signed more than one collection with Hilfiger, and to his sister Pretty as far as Zendaya, also involved in a creative project with the US designer. «They are real TV icons, like Paris Hilton which started 20 years ago. We have also always worked a lot with music icons, like with Britney Spears (and to which Hilfiger gave a precious jeans worn by Marilyn Monroe) before it was actually known, with Usheri Rolling stones, Lanny Kravitz, David Bowie And Iman. I have known Beyoncé when she was only 16 and performed live for one of our shows and was the face of the True star fragrance, Jennifer Lopez… We have surrounded our brand with a number of pop culture icons, ”emphasized Hilfiger. Which sees the evolution of the market in a positive way.

“This summer I saw as many Americans in Europe as I have never seen in my life,” he explained. «There is a desire to celebrate in the world, life is back. There is also the desire for a physical return to fashion shows because the more activities there are, the better it will be for the fashion industry ». In the hope that the brand will soon return with a show in Europe. “Certainly because it is our largest market, where Italy plays an important role and continues to grow, thanks to a retail presence in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome, where we will soon open a store”.

Another issue addressed by Hilfiger was that of sustainability. “With Tommy for life we ​​give the possibility to bring an old product into the stores and transform it, personalizing it, revisiting it and giving it new life, in a sort of couture customization between old and new”, he explained, adding: “It is very exciting to see the way in which people wear and customize my vintage garments, making them personal ». And when asked whether it’s difficult to be Tommy Hilfiger, the designer replied: «I don’t know what it means to be someone else. Sometimes I don’t think of myself by this name but of society. But I have a big family for which I am a father, Tommy .. and with them I never think I’m the name of the label ». (All rights reserved)

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