Tonali, Champions test. Cage, goal and great performance. Leao plows the sash. CDK stain

These are the report cards of Dinamo Zagreb-Milan:

Tatarusanu 6.5: defuses the few conclusions of Dinamo Zagreb. Bravo on Ivanusec to say no to him with a nice save.

Kalulu 6.5: play with a calm that is almost embarrassing for the importance of the game. Ljubicic somehow tries to overcome it, but fails.

Cage 7.5: decisive in removing Moharrami’s attempt from the door of Tatarusanu, with a nice head dive. He finds his first official goal with the Milan shirt with a beautiful angel’s flight, of Ambrosinian memory, on Tonali’s free-kick.

Kjaer 7: Orsic and Petkovic try to knock on his and Gabbia’s parts, but they always find the toll booth closed. In recovery and clearly improving compared to his last appearances, where he appeared a bit contracted.

Theo Hernandez 6: sc the Dinamo who also closes at home, he does what he should and accelerates when he finds space, more in the second half when Dinamo loses the distance. (from the 70 ‘Ballo-Touré 6: twenty minutes to let Theo catch his breath).

Tonali 7.5: Champions League match for Sandro, who not only draws the punishment from which Gabbia’s goal is born, but gets the 0-3 penalty that sends the game on the tracks preferred by Milan. Together with Bennacer they are a superior entity.

Bennacer 7: when he plays with this quality it is almost embarrassing for the opponents. He hides the ball from him how and when he wants, dictates the symphony inside a diesel performance of the team. (from the 70 ‘Pobega 6: captures international minutes that never hurt).

Rebic 6: on the right for the first time in three and a half years, he has one of the two biggest chances of the first half, but he doesn’t kick well towards Dinamo’s goal. He rises in condition and performance in the second half and puts Krunic in goal with his teammate who eats the fifth goal.

De Ketelaere 5: unfortunately, in the game in which he was called to give an important answer, Charles does not emerge. He tries some plays, but he is never proactive as one would expect. And the replacement certifies a bad proof of it. (from 52 ‘ Krunic 6: enters for CDK, does his homework ordered with the stain of the goal eaten).

Leao 7: the closure of the defense of Dinamo gives him trouble. In the second half he decides to accelerate and do what he does best, devastating the wing, scoring the 0-2 goal and propitiating the 0-4 own goal. (From 70 ‘ Messias 6: minutes after result acquired).

Giroud 6.5: the Dinamo goalkeeper denies him the goal when he manages to go in an aerial shot on the ball with the Kalulu tachometer. Cold in scoring the 0-3 penalty. (fromOrigi sv)

Attachment Pioli 7.5: a beautiful, convincing victory, like a great team. In a week at San Siro they will play to win.

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