Tonga, check island after a volcanic eruption

Almost a year ago: It has been a long time since the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai underwater volcano located in Tonga, in Oceania, but the consequences of its explosive force can still be admired today. The episode is dated December 21, 2021 and ten months later it seems that an island appeared out of nowhere in these waters.

How is it possible? The satellite images leave no room for doubt. The deepest abysses always hide some mystery, however in this case we must refer to another volcano and a new shock wave that has brought out a portion of the mainland, as he noted. Landsat 9a technology project that was perfected by NASA.

An ever larger island

The satellite showed just one small island, consequence of a new marine eruption. On 10 September, in fact, Home Reef, this is the name of the submarine mountain that is located near Tonga, has risen above the level of the water bringing out this islet, which is nothing more than an agglomeration of lava and ash. It took eleven hours, from the beginning of the eruption to the emergence of the mountain, to arrive at the new geographical scenario. But what are the specific dimensions? Also, more importantly, is this island going to last much longer? The answers are soon said.

Four days after the eruption of the volcano, the surface had been measured in just under half a hectare. In a short time, more precisely last September 20, the island has grown to 2.4 hectares, a growth that is surprising to say the least but up to a certain point. In fact, phenomena of this type are not so rare in Oceania. The satellite photo, on the other hand, refers to September 14, so now the portion of land surrounded by the sea could be different, without excluding its disappearance. He thought about contributing to the formation of the island the plume that was released from the underwater volcano.

The area around the island

It’s not just about white smoke, it’s about particulate matter, fragments of volcanic rock and sulfur, as NASA pointed out. The volcanic eruption in September was definitely less intense than in December, even if in these parts they are used to not underestimate anything. No wonder that Tongan sailors are forced to stay 4 kilometers away from the offending areas, without forgetting the risks that the plumes of steam and ash pose to the planes in transit. The history of Home Reef, the mountain responsible for the formation of a new island, undoubtedly deserves a mention.

Geographically, it is located between the islands of Kao and Late and this volcano has eroded and rebuilt several times on the occasion of several eruptions. Those of 1852, 1857, 1984, 2006 and the last in fact, they contributed to its current appearance, while in 1984 another temporary island was formed (1500 meters by 500 meters), which disappeared within a few days. Another noteworthy event is that of 2006: following this eruption, in fact, several tons of floating pumice which spread to another state, Fiji, 350 kilometers away from the eruption.

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