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Shakira and Gerard Pique (Icon Sport)

Pique’s neighbors have revealed details of the ‘historic crises’ that plagued his Barcelona apartment. Contrary to popular belief, the house still belonged to the ex-footballer and was not simply rented out as believed.

These legendary parties were frequent, especially at night, and were clearly visible from the neighboring houses, since the mansion was surrounded by high walls to preserve the privacy of the guests.

These festivities did not come suddenly, but date back to the beginnings of the media relationship between Pique and Shakira. However, despite their success and fame, the couple would have faced some differences due to their difference in age and lifestyle. Pique sought to maintain a young and festive atmosphere with his friends, while Shakira preferred a more family and traditional life. These differences would have ultimately contributed to their separation.

Despite his free and carefree demeanor at these parties, Pique was also described by neighbors as friendly and convivial. Beyond the celebrations, the ex-footballer was always respectful towards his neighbors and gave them attention, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere in the neighborhood.

Although Pique has since found love again with Clara Chia, the “historic rejoicings” will be remembered by neighbors on Pearson Avenue.

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