Tonight everything is possible, De Martino celebrates 33 years on Rai 2

Uan evening to the sound of laughter. It is what it offers Rai 2 broadcasting at 9.20pm the second episode of Everything is possible tonightcomedy show conducted by the solid and super appreciated Stefano De Martino. Among the protagonists, as guests, stand out Katia Follesa, Pamela Camassa And Peppe Iodice. But the episode looks special because, just today 3 October, De Martino turns 33. And in a post on his Instagram, the host invites everyone to follow him on TV for “Celebrate together”.

Produced by the center Rai of Naples, the transmission gives the possibility to enjoy the last slice of summer. And in fact in his social message, Stefano De Martino appears in a diving suit just before making a dive. An enviable way to celebrate your birthday and relax before airing.

Everything is possible tonight: the guests of the evening

To challenge each other tonight in the races of Everything is possible tonight (races that have nothing competitive, however, since the goal is just to have fun and entertain the public) are very popular VIPs

Let’s talk about Katia Follesa, actress, comedian, presenter, co-host last winter of Michelle Impossible with Michelle Hunziker and among the protagonists of the next third edition of Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt. There is the comedian Peppe Iodicehistorian of Zelig and among the protagonists of Made in Southconducted between 2019 and 2020 always by De Martino. Guests – competitors tonight, then, are also the rapper Jake The Fury (Francesco Vigorelli), the showgirl Pamela Camassa, the dancer Marcello Sacchettaborn in Friends how De Martino (also at first a dancer), and the comedian Gino Nuisancealso known to have participated in Made in South. And she comes back tonight as well the comedian and stand-up comedian Andrea Pucciwhich was also there last week in the first episode of the broadcast.

Present tonight, because part of the permanent cast of Everything is possible tonight, Biagio Izzo, Francesco Paolantoni And Vincenzo De Luciawhich, it imitates Maria De Filippi and, for the first time, Francesca Fagnani.

The games: not just the inclined room

The games with which these guests have to try their hand are amusing and sometimes paradoxical. The great classic, now an icon of this show, is there Inclined room: the vip they must try to balance in a room with the floor tilted at 22.5 ° by improvising sketches and following the instructions of the conductor.

Then there are Get behind me dance (four VIPs, in turn, dance following who is on the star, the others must follow those dance steps), Noises of mime (two VIPs, in three minutes, linked to each other, have to mimic noises of certain objects with their mouths to make them guess to two other VIPs), Steal hen (VIPs must go around a table with chickens on it, while music is playing in the background, when the music stops, each VIP must take a chicken from the table, whoever remains without is eliminated), Do re hurts me (VIPs start from the sofa, run to a button, have to play it and guess the interpreter of a song), and Follow the lip (a vip, with headphones with loud music in his ears, must understand the sentence pronounced by his partner).

Stefano De Martino at Tonight everything is possible. (Rai Press Office)

New game of this eighth edition of Everything is possible tonight is The dark room, visible only thanks to infrared cameras. Can be used as a penance for some competing guests who lose the challenges.

Stefano De Martino still married to Belen

The conductor, much loved by the public and considered leading face of Rai 2has also been the protagonist of the gossip columns for years for his never ending story with the beautiful Argentine Belen Rodriguez. Between the two it all started ten years ago, when he was a dancer Friends and she participated as a guest on the show. It was love at first sight: he dumped his then partner Emma Marrone (at the time a budding singer always at the school of Maria De Filippinow an established singer) and a love story was born that ended up on the pages of all the newspapers (not only the gossip ones, but also in the most serious newspapers).

Belen Rodriguez, love (rediscovered) for Stefano De Martino is good for her:

Belen Rodriguez, love (rediscovered) for Stefano De Martino is good for her:

Yes. I am married in 2013the next year they had their son Santiagothen yes they left in 2015 and has been ever since a back and forth that lasted until recently.

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Now Belenguest of very true revealed that they are still married.We have done the divorce request expires twiceexplained the Argentine presenter of Tu si que vales, «The first time we got back together shortly after, so it was canceled. The second, however, the judge preferred to wait and we had time to get back together again ». Needless to say, the web has gone crazy.


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