Tonight on TV December 18, 2022, programs, Rai, Mediaset, Sky

On Raiuno, the game show Soliti ignoti Telethon Special, with Amadeus. On Rete 4, current affairs with Zona Bianca, a program hosted by Giuseppe Brindisi.

Tonight on TV Sunday December 18, 2022. Up Raitrethe talk show What’s the weather likeconducted by Fabio Fazio. Up Channel 5, Journey into the great beautya documentary journey with Caesar Bocci.

Tonight on TV Sunday December 18, 2022, Rai

Up Raiunoat 20.35, the game show Soliti ignoti Special Telethon. This episode closes the 2022 edition of Telethon. Amadeus hosts, among others, Christian De Sica, Frank Matano, Luca Argentero, Serena Rossi, Bruno Vespa and Maximilian Gallo. Some of them are playing to win the jackpot, which goes towards research on rare generic diseases.

Up Raitreat 20.00, the talk show What’s the weather like. Last Sunday evening, for this year, in the company of Fabio Fazio and the twentieth edition of his successful talk show, always ready to host the big names in politics, culture and entertainment, not just Italians. In closing, at the table, the old friends, including Marzullo and phrases.

Mediaset programs, Tv8

Up Network 4at 21.20, the news with White area. The deepening of Joseph Brindisi, which from December 20 will be broadcast on Tuesdays. In summarizing the events of a very problematic year, particular space will inevitably be devoted to the tragedy of the war in Ukraine.

Up Channel 5at 21.20, the documentary journey Journey into the great beauty. Caesar Bocci, in view of Holy Christmas, visit Israel, especially Jerusalem, a sacred city where Jews, Muslims and Christians live together. The journey begins on the Masada plateau with its Fortress. Also, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, the Old City and the alleyways of the Souk.

Up Tv8at 21.30, the game show 100% Christmas. Special appointment in the early evening with the game show hosted by Nicholas Savino. Three pairs of vip competitors are playing tonight: Katia Crowd with her husband Angelo Pisani, Ciro Ferrara with Marco Tamberi and Asia Argento with True Gem.

Nine, Real Time

Up Nineat 21.25, the variety show Ammutta Muddica. Premiere of two parts of the show by Aldo, John and James broadcast on Channel 5 in 2014. Among the planned sketches, “The return of Pdor“, sequel to the historic gag, staged in the show “Tel chi el telùn” of 1999.

Up real-timeat 21.20, the reality show The castle of ceremonies. A new wedding is about to be celebrated at the Castle: in fact, Matteo and Imma they are busy preparing for the newly weds party Luana and Alexandera love born on the beach of Nisida.

Tonight on tv sunday 18th december 2022 dont marry my daughters

Tonight’s films Sunday December 18, 2022

Up Rai Movieat 21.10, the 2014 comedy film, by Philippe DeChauveron, Don’t marry my daughterswith Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby. Claude and Marie have four daughters, three of whom are married respectively to a Jew, an Arab and an Asian. They hope that at least the youngest will marry a Frenchman, but that won’t be the case.

Up A7at 10.30 pm, the 2001 drama film, by Ron Howard, A Beautiful Mindwith Russell Crowe, Ed Harris. In 1947, mathematician John Nash develops a revolutionary theory and enters MIT, but his mental health is in danger. Inspired by the life of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Up 20 Mediasetinstead, at 21.05, the fantastic film of 2004, by Stephen Sommers, Van Helsingwith Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale. Nineteenth century. The legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing arrives in Transylvania: he must help the last descendants of a gypsy family to eliminate Count Dracula.

Up Irisat 21.00, the 2014 drama film, by Russell Crowe, The Water Divinerwith Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko. In 1919, Australian farmer Joshua Connor leaves for Gallipoli, Turkey, to find his three sons who had left to fight years earlier. The undertaking will not be easy.

Tonight on TV Sunday 18 December 2022, films on Sky

Up Sky Cinema Twoat 21.15, the 2021 drama film, by Marcel Barrena, Open Arms – The law of the seawith Eduard Fernández. Two Hispanic children, Oscar and Gerard, travel to Lesbos to help thousands of refugees who die every day in the Mediterranean. They find themselves faced with a chilling truth.

Up Sky Cinema Familyfinally, at 21.00, the 2010 drama film, by Harald Zwart, The Karate Kid – The legend continueswith Jaden Smith. Dre, an American boy, moves to China after his father’s death. There he makes friends with a classmate, but he has to deal with the bully of the class.

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