Tonight on TV | movies not to be missed April 1, 2020


The quarantine continues for all and to make it more enjoyable TV offers us a cinema that is suitable for every age and every taste. Here some council to choose the most suitable film for you.

Tonight on TV | movies not to miss the April 3, 2020

Stasera in TV | the Gifted – The gift of talent | Rai 1

  1. Gifted – The gift of talent aired on Rai 1 with Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer.

Plot: Frank Adler is a single that is raising Mary, the grandson of seven-year-old daughter of her sister, a math absolutely brilliant. Also Mary and extraordinarily equipped for the subject and not only. So much so that when he has to unwillingly go to school, he finds himself in a condition of light-years away from that of his peers. So, the vicarious embarrassment, but, to aggravate the situation, an intervention by the maternal grandmother, Evelyn, who wants to steal Frank to push it on the side of excellence in studies.

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Tonight on TV | Passengers clubs | Rai 3

2. Passenger Clubs broadcast on Rai 3 with Claudio Gioe’, Nicole Grimaudo, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Marta Gastini, Giampiero Judica, Paolo De Vita, Alessio Vassallo, Caterina Shulha Ivana Lotito, Giorgio Musumeci ,Francesca Figus Alessandro Tiberi, Paolo Sassanelli.

Plot: Taken from stories of Gianrico Carofiglio inside of the gathered Passengers Clubs, and there is No wisdom, tells the story of d Henry, speaker of RadioFuturo who entertains the audience every night is tuned to follow a transmission successful. Enrico is equipped with a voice enveloping and charisma is remarkable. So collects the stories of those who called in live, and transforms them into intriguing tales. The phone call to Sabrina, a listener to both faithful and shy, disrupts the essence of the program. After I found the courage to call, Sabrina reveals that she was marked by a deep pain that has marked his life for ever, and his relationships with others. The consequences on the interpersonal relations of Sabrina are disastrous, but thanks to the help of Henry, who she manages to say the first “no”.

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Tonight on TV | Outcast – The last templar | Rai 4

3. Outcast – The last templar aired on Rai 4 with Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen, Yifei Liu, Fernando Chien, Andy On, Anoja Dias Bolt, Simon Chin.

Plot: During the XII century, when the heir to the imperial throne of china becomes the target of the despised older brother, the only hope of salvation of the young prince, and is represented by the protection of his sister, and by the help of the reluctant and tired warrior crusader Arken (Hayden Christiansen). To assure the prince of his kingdom and defend it from death, Arken must overcome their personal demons and mobilize Gallain (Nicolas Cage), a legendary crusader-turned-bandit.

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Tonight on TV | Slums | Rai Movie

4. Suburra in onda su Rai Movie starring Pierfrancesco Favino, Elio Germano, Claudio Amendola, Alessandro Borghi.

Plot: A gangster known as the ‘Samurai’ want to transform the waterfront of a small town close to Rome into a new Atlantic City. A corrupt politician, and a lover of young prostitutes and cocaine, and protects him with the help of a powerful cardinal. All the bosses of the local mafia have agreed to collaborate for this common goal. The peace, however, cannot last long and a bloody war between rival gangs minera’ the dream of the Samurai.

Tonight on TV | Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the skull crystal | Iris

5. Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the skull crystal aired on the Iris with Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf, Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, Karen Allen, John Hurt.

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Plot: This time Jones will be looking for a crystal skull belonging to an alien civilization.



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