Tonight on TV: the films not to be missed on Sunday 27 March 2022

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino. A film with Franco Graziosi, Francesca Golia, Anna Luisa Capasa, Maria Laura Rondanini, Ludovico Caldarera, Aldo Ralli, Giorgia Ferrero, Pasquale Petrolo, Serena Grandi, Vernon Dobtcheff. Drama genre – Italy, France, 2013.

Writer of a single youthful book, “The human apparatus”, Jep Gambardella, costume journalist, theater critic, expert commentator, turns sixty-five calling to him, in a baroque and boorish party, the freaks sample of friends and acquaintances with whom loves to spend endless evenings on the edge of his terrace overlooking the Colosseum. Moving to Rome at a young age, like a new calf in search of fortune, Jep soon flows back into Dante’s circle of the upper village, becoming its supreme cantor, the disenchanted star. King of a hopeless human bestiary, one step away from the abyss, close to extinction, yet still crudely vital made up of mute poets, failed cocaine actresses about to write a novel, cardinal-cooks in the odor of the papal throne, erotomaniac entrepreneurs who produce toys, party writers with a television career, provincial playwrights who never made their debut, mysterious fifty-year-old strippers, holy oracular pauperists guests in a Hassler suite. Jep Gambardella seduces everyone and whips everyone with his sharp tongue, his sharp intelligence, his disenchanted irony.


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