Tonight’s TV programs, Thursday 29 September 2022. On Italia1 the ‘Gran Varietà’ by Giuseppe Giacobazzi

Giuseppe Giacobazzi

Rai 19.25pm: Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor – 1st Tv

Fiction. 2 × 06 – The Double Life of Mister E .: Can time heal the wounds? Imma asks, while she hopes that her husband will sooner or later put a stone on the story of the compromising photo with Calogiuri. Apparently it would seem not. Meanwhile, Calogiuri seems happy in front of his new condition, even if he is not convinced that Jessica is the woman of his life.

Rai29.00 pm: Tg2 Post

Actuality. The prime time specials of the TG2 Post continue. Manuela Moreno leads.

Rai39.25pm: Official Secrets – State Secret

Movie of 2019 by Gavin Hood, with Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Matt Smith. Made in the USA. Duration: 112 minutes. Plot: In 2003 Katharine Gun, British government intelligence agent, learns of an Anglo-American espionage plan aimed at illegally blackmailing some members of the UN Security Council to legitimize the invasion of Iraq. Taking a great risk both personally and professionally, Katharine leaks confidential information that ends up on the front page of “The Observer”.

Channel 59.45 pm: Big Brother Vip 7

Reality. Fourth appointment with the Big Brother Vip. Leads Alfonso Signorini, with the participation of commentators Sonia Bruganelli and Orietta Berti and the expert of social media Giulia Salemi. Who among the six nominated – Antonella Fiordelisi, Nikita Pelizon, Giale De Donà, Edoardo Donnamaria, Marco Bellavia and Daniele Dal Moro – will be elected the public’s favorite?

Italy 19.20 pm: Giuseppe Giacobazzi – Great Variety

Show. Fourth and last appointment with “Italia Uno On Stage”, comes the show “Gran Varietà”, an evening of comedy with the laughter champion Giuseppe Giacobazzi. From the splendid setting of the historic Masini Theater in Faenza, the comedian from Romagna will stage an exhilarating show, with unpublished monologues and the unmistakable workhorses that have made him famous. Giacobazzi will be the great protagonist of a sui generis variety, with exceptional guests, surprise forays, a fun band, a very particular dance troupe and a surreal and colorful scenography. A show animated by lashing irony and pressing rhythm, in which you laugh from the first to the last moment.

Network 49.20 pm: Straight and Reverse

Actuality. The challenges of the new government, between the formation of the new executive and international political relations, will be at the center of the new appointment of “Dritto e Rovescio”. During the evening, ample space will be dedicated to the dear energy that shows no sign of diminishing. Finally, an analysis on the future of citizenship income. Among the many guests who will accompany Paolo Del Debbio during the episode: Giovanni Donzelli, Rita Dalla Chiesa, Gian Marco Centinaio, Vincenzo Amendola, Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove, Ettore Rosato and Giuliano Granato.

There79.15 pm: A clean sweep

Actuality. The crisis of PD and Lega in the aftermath of the vote. What future for the two parties? Giorgia Meloni’s world: which country will be the one governed by the leader of the Brothers of Italy? These are some of the themes at the center of the new episode of Piazzapulita. Corrado Formigli’s guests: Laura Boldrini (PD), journalists Stefano Cappellini, Paolo Mieli, Michele Santoro, Alessandra Sardoni and Antonio Padellaro; and Nunzia De Girolamo. During the evening the writer Stefano Massini will also return with one of his stories.

Tv8 9.30 pm: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Movie 2017 by Jon Watts, with Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr. Made in the USA. Duration: 133 minutes. Plot: Young Peter Parker, enthusiastic about his experience with the Avengers, returns home, where he lives with his aunt May, under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark. Peter tries to get back to his daily routine, but is so enamored with the idea of ​​becoming an Avenger, that he overshadows even his love for Liz, distracted by the thought of having to prove himself worth more than Spider-Man’s friendly Spider-Man. Neighborhood. But with the Vulture’s arrival, everything Peter cares about is threatened.

Nine, 9.35 pm: Males against Females

Movie of 2010 by Fausto Brizzi, with Fabio De Luigi, Paola Cortellesi, Sarah Felberbaum. Produced in Italy. Duration: 113 minutes. Plot: Two sides: women on one side, men on the other. The film tells the natural differences between the two worlds and does so through the vicissitudes of three “couples”: Walter, a volleyball coach who has recently become a father, who cheats on his wife Monica with a player; Marta and Andrea, university students and roommates, she is a lesbian, he is straight, who both lose their minds for the same girl, Francesca; and, finally, the playboy Diego who manages to conquer all but his neighbor Chiara.

The other networks …

209.10 pm: The Dark Knight – Movie

Rai49.20 pm: Resident Alien – TV series

Iris9.10 pm: Crystal Trap – Movie

Rai59.15 pm: The Queen of Spades– Opera

RaiMovie9.10 pm: In her shoes (If I were her)– Movie

RaiPremium9.20 pm: Six Sisters – Soap opera

Sky9.15 pm: Kickboxer – The Warrior’s Revenge – Movie

TwentySeven9:00 pm: The Hangover 3 – Movie

La59.20 pm: Mamma mia! – Movie

RealTime9.15 pm: Sorelle al Limite – Docu-Reality

Cine349.05 pm: Under the Riccione sun– Fiction

Focus9.15 pm: Enigmas Unveiled 2 – Papers

TopCrime, 9.10 pm: Crime in Alsace – Movie

MediasetAndxbetween8.00 pm: Big Brother Vip 7 Live from the House – Reality

Mediaset Italy 29.15 pm: The Lodgers – Don’t Break the Rules – Movie

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