Tony Bennett doesn’t know he has Alzheimer’s!

“On the day we released ‘Cheek To Cheek’ in 2014, Tony Bennett he called me and asked if I wanted to record another album with him, this time with songs Cole Porter“- she wrote in early August Lady Gaga. Bennett has repeatedly emphasized that he gets along very well with the American singer, and their cooperation has brought mutual benefits.

“Gaga is an amazing singer and when she sings some good ballad, I have goosebumps. She helped me and I helped her by working on Cheek to Cheek. By telling her audience how much she liked me, all her fans. They became my fans. All these teenagers. On the other hand, because she sang these beautiful songs on the album, my audience said, “God, we didn’t know she sang so well,” said Bennett in one of the interviews.

Gaga and the musician’s wife, Susan Crowled to the fulfillment of a promise made to Tony. Thanks to this, the album was released on October 1 “Love for Sale”.

The 96-year-old singer is one of the last active musicians who achieved triumphs on the stage in the 1940s. Some time ago, Crow confessed that her husband had been suffering from Alzheimer’s since 2016. Now she confessed that her husband “suffers” due to the fact that he is not fully aware of what is happening around him. In an interview with the program “60 Minutes” CBS News told about the life of a musician on a daily basis.

“Every day is different. Tony late at night, sometimes early in the morning, he’s more alert if I can use that word. So I’ll tell him, ‘Tony, you’ll be in 60 Minutes.’ And he said, ‘Great.’ I was like, “Do you remember that show, 60 Minutes?” And he was like, “Yes, I remember.” But at any other time, he won’t know, “Crow said.

“He, thank God, recognizes me, his children. That’s a blessing in many ways. He’s very sweet, he doesn’t know he has it. [Alzheimera – przyp. red.]Susan Crow confessed. The facilitator asked if he was sure he was not aware of this, and Crow emphatically marked “No”.

Susan and Tony have been married since 2007. The “AARP” magazine describes, inter alia, how much of a contribution to the fight against the singer’s disease is made by his wife, Susan. “His face was impassive, like a mask that changed only slightly to obscure awareness as Susan placed her hand on his shoulder. … rest of the world “- you could read.

This is not the first time his wife has spoken about his illness. Some time ago, she informed about the spouses’ conversation about the disease. “He asks me what Alzheimer’s is. I explain, but he doesn’t get it. He tells me, ‘Susan, I’m fine’ … He’s physically fine, so nothing has changed in his mind. He’s not aware of it. what has changed “- she said.

Lady Gaga in an interview with USA Today admitted that one of the most beautiful moments she recently had was during the duo concert in August. At Bennett’s farewell concert, during the band’s performance, Tony remembered her name and introduced her to the audience. “I saw something in him, so I knew that he saw (me)” – confessed the star. “He called me ‘baby’ during rehearsals, but on the night of our last concert together, he said, ‘Here’s Lady Gaga.’ It was the first time in a long time that he had said my name. And he gave me this gift. try to give me this gift and I am really eternally grateful to it “- said the creator of the hit, touched “Bad Romance”.

The singer told more about what she experienced behind the scenes at the concert that took place in early August. “My favorite moment was right after I finished singing, when Tony walked onstage and the curtain rose to reveal him. I had been planning this unveiling for hours. And when he opened his mouth to sing” The Best Is Yet to Come “with with that spotlight on it, I just burst into tears of joy, “Gaga said. “It was an absolute privilege for me to be part of this event. I just wanted everything to be perfect during his last moments on stage.”

According to people present, the famous singer only said a few words during his last performance, but never lost his way while singing. “It was absolute magic. I was so moved. I had to work a lot on breathing, because almost all the time I wanted to cry, watching him just hit the moment” – confessed the singer.

“We also recorded a few songs together when his Alzheimer’s disease was starting to change his character, and it was amazing that he remembered every lyrics. It’s a testimony that music is in Tony’s blood … Time with Tony changed me forever. Frank Sinatra He said he is (Tony – editor’s note) the best singer in the world and I don’t think Frank is lying. “The star also revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Tony since their last August show, but often talks to his family.” I love him. very. I miss him all the time, pray for him all the time. I am praying for his wife, Susan Benedetto, his sons, his family. I care very deeply about him “- the singer concluded.

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