Tony Bennett will never perform on stage again? There is new information

Danny Bennett, who has been taking care of his father’s professional interests for 40 years, explained in an interview with “Variety” that he is not worried about Tony’s vocal form, but that the travels included in the concert tour could prove too tiring for him.

He also would not like the singer to have an accident, like a stumble on stage. “It was a difficult decision for us, because as a singer he is still fit. But these are the doctors’ recommendations” – said the musician’s manager.

Earlier this year, the Bennett family informed the public that the singer was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016. His wife, 54, admitted Susan, the singer is not fully aware of the consequences of this nuerological ailment.

Just because Bennett has retired from his stage career doesn’t mean we won’t hear any more of his new songs. Lady Gaga A few days ago, she announced that she would be releasing a tribute album with Bennett on October 1st Cole Porter, titled “Love for Sale”. In turn, the singer’s son says that Tony, instead of touring, “will be doing other things”.

Perhaps there will be some musical projects behind this statement. It is no secret that in the case of an artist’s disease, music therapy is more than recommended. Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, while singing, are able to remember not only the words of the songs and their melodies, but also the accompanying circumstances.


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