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In 2021, adamari lopez And Tony Costa They surprised their followers by announcing their separation after more than a decade together, although they made it clear that they would maintain a good relationship out of respect for their daughter. AliyaShowing up at various events more and more next to his little girl.

In this way the Zumba instructor and Puerto Rican presenter has shared tender moments such as the minor’s eighth birthday, in which she choreographed “Merlina”, or her First Communion, which was attended by the family in Spanish.

yet he former member of “Celebrity House” decided to start A new romance with the Texan influencer Evelyn BeltranWhile the television presenter focused on her role as a mother and her involvement”Today”, a reality show from which it was spun off in March 2023.

Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez on the first day of Alaia’s classes together (Photo: Alaia/Instagram)

Tony Costa still in love with Adamari Lopez

great relationship that united states celebrities This has prompted users on social networks to speculate that the two are still feeling lost. In view of this, Tony Costa was consulted about the rumor in the program “I know everything” in Puerto Rico.

,There are already stereotypes in the society, it is true that we made that family for 10 years“, pointed out the Spaniard, who acknowledged that the relationshipA lot of people loved it, loved it, fell in love with it, (but) now it’s another phase,

Despite this, the dancer made it clear that he maintains a great relationship with Adamari out of respect for his daughter, sharing emotional moments and showing that despite their separation, they are committed to their parenthood. Are.

In this sense, Costa dismissed his critics as “those who do not livebecause these are the people who “They grew up with it, who grew up with it seeing another example,

In this sense, the Spaniard reaffirmed his role as a father and his commitment to giving her a conflict-free upbringing.

,Here the main person who is above is Alaya and as long as we do everything possible for her good: whether it is us, united, dancing together, it has nothing to do withHe thought.

Adamari López and Tony Costa have maintained a good relationship despite their separation (Photo: Hoy Dia / Facebook)

Tony Costa, Adamari Lopez and Alaia’s relationship

During the interview, the former “Look Who Dance” cast member recalled meeting up with his ex-partner for his daughter’s commitments, such as her birthday and her first soiree.

,This is part of education and the example we want to give to her (Alaya) for her example and if it serves as an example for other people or couples, then great“, he explained.

Although he believes he is doing the right thing, the Spaniard said each couple is free to make their own decisions. ,and if it doesn’t work as an example, let them navigate with“, He added.

Alaya is the only daughter of Adamari and Toni Costa Costa (Photo: Adamari Lopez / Instagram)

Marriage with Evelyn Beltran

Although he made it clear that his relationship with Adamari Lopez was based on their daughter, Toni Costa still has a story to live with, Evelyn Beltran, whom he consulted about his future with the Texan influencer Including wedding planning. ,

,No, this will be a good year to keep growing, to get to know each other and to share and grow in love (and) as a couple“, he pointed.

Likewise, the dancer made it clear that he would not stop defending his girlfriend from the attacks of the “haters” of the social network. ,I don’t shut up, I don’t like disrespect at all”, he expressed.

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