Tony Parker targeted by the All-Stars? Controversial remarks after Hall of Fame

Tony Parker has made the whole of France proud by recently being inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame. The first French player to be inducted into the basketball pantheon, he couldn’t have deserved this anointing in the former All-Star’s mind.,

Being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame is pretty close to the ultimate achievement for any player. Being on this list means you have achieved a nearly flawless career and everyone will remember you for a very long time. Recently, we have seen four new couples and Tony Parker was one of them, to the delight of the French public.

Sulfur debate begins at Hall of Fame, Tony Parker worried?

The author of many exploits with the Blues, the former leader also wrote history with Spurs. A four-time NBA champion, he has established himself as an essential cog in one of the best teams of all-time. If some find this dubbing worthy, others like Gilbert Arenas are more dubious. Without explicitly quoting him, the former wizards started a heated debate in their podcast:

If you’ve won five league titles, congratulations, but if you’ve got a great team, you don’t belong in the Hall of Fame. If your stats are mediocre, you can’t be in the league of Michael Jordan or Larry Bird. Some people think that people have to be there because of their big names, but to be in the Hall of Fame you have to be the #1 option on your team, or at least the #2 option.

In terms of statistics, Tony Parker has never been the most talented player on his team. On the other hand, he often carried the Spurs, as evidenced by the 2007 Finals in which he was named MVP. So is it necessary to display a great career average to become a Hall of Famer? This is the question that Gilbert Arenas asks and opinions differ on social networks:

Gill was a stat padre, not a winner. Ginobili and Parker had better careers and contributed more to the game than he did.

he is right. Tony Parker is not a HOFer, he is one of the very best players who played on the team all-time. If you’ve never been in the top 3 at your position, you don’t belong in the HOF. This is also the case for Drummond.

Does Tony Parker Deserve His Place In The Hall Of Fame? If we follow Gilbert Arenas’ logic, not really. Let us remain chauvinistic, however, and congratulate ourselves in knowing that our French legend is part of the basketball pantheon thanks to his incredible career.

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