Tony Servillo, Noemi and Paola Cortellesi among the guests of the first day – Torino Oggi

Off with a bang yesterday for the 40th Turin Film Festival at the Teatro Regio. After the inauguration which was attended by big names from the entertainment world such as Malcolm McDowell, Pilar Fogliati, Samuel, Francesco De Gregori and Vincenzo Mollica [LEGGI QUI]the Turin film festival, continues until 3 December.

Also today Saturday 26 November there are several screenings scheduled at the Cinema Massimo, Greenwich and Romano not to be missed.

The films in competition

La Hijas de todas las rabias
Laura Baumeister
In competition for the feature film section, this magical realism film by Laura Baumeister is set in Nicaragua. It tells the story and journey of a little girl in a hostile world redeemed by fantasy.
Cinema Massimo, screen 1, 4 pm.

Falcon Lake
Charlotte Le Bon
From the graphic novel by Bastien Vivès, the discovery of the desire of two teenagers. It’s summer, a 13-year-old boy meets a 16-year-old girl and falls in love with her: he is shy and insecure, she is bold but resists at least a little the temptations that come from her peers. Together the two overcome their fears, have fun, desire each other, play, perpetually suspended in an ambiguous relationship. And the audience is carried away in this emotional wave that comes and goes, seems about to explode and then fades away. The only obstacle to this love story seems to be the “ghost” who lives in the lake, or only in the protagonist’s head.
Cinema Massimo, screen 1, 5 pm.

Earthly life of Hamlet Marco Belelli
Luca Ferri
A documentary film in competition signed by Luca Ferri that will tell you everything you should have known about the Divine Otelma, seen through the director’s structuralist and surrealist eye.
Cinema Romano, room 1, 8.30 pm

Karim Kassem
An international documentary in competition which under the direction of Karim Kassem recounts the days that followed the expulsion at the port of Beirut. A symphony of a wounded city.
Greenwich, room 2, 6 pm

The masterclasses with free admission

Paula Cortellesi
Between cinema, television and music, one of the most popular and multifaceted actresses of our cinema talks about her relationship with the big and small screen.
Greenwich, room 1, 3 pm

X-Factor, Sanremo, success. But in the heart of one of the most surprising voices of our musical panorama there is always the cinema: the cinema loved, studied, the cinema that is always present.
Cinema Massimo, screen 2, 5 pm

Tony Servillo
Theater, cinema, the Oscar, the great international recognition. A career that has already reserved many surprises and that will reserve others in the future, a careful and cultured look at the show.
Cinema Romano, room 2, 6.30 pm

The out of competition

The beautiful season
Marco Ponti
The story of Sampdoria and its Scudetto told in this docu-film directed by Marco Ponti. Vialli, Mancini, Boskov, and the new Soviet signing told as an epic page of Italian football. Present in Turin Gianluca Vialli.
Cinema Massimo, screen 1, 7 pm.

Lorcan Finnegan
Hallucinations, tremors and pain shake actress Eva Green in this all-female Irish Filipino horror from Lorcan Finnegan.
Greewich, room 1, 7.30 pm.

The choice
Carl Augustus Bachschmidt
A film already at the center of the controversy that rightfully enters the “Conflicts and ideas” section of the out of competition. A documentary that enters the NO TAV movement and tells its stories, faces and places of ten years of political struggles.
Cinema Romano, room 1, 5.30 pm.

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