“Too many mistakes …”: who is the big one who gave up Enrico Letta

On the eve of the fateful day in which the Democratic Party will announce the lists for the political elections, the risk of candidacies is already making the first victims. It is the case of Dario Stefanosenator who less than a year ago had returned to the Democratic Party after a period of self-suspension, and today decides to leave him permanently.

And to think that Enrico Letta had announced it in the first direction after Draghi’s resignation: “QThis time there will not be a night of long knives for the lists like in 2018“On the other hand, the management that should have voted on the nominations called for today has already been postponed until tomorrow they can’t find the right place, and the first heads are already jumping.

Dario Stefano jumps because as we have been announcing on these pages for days, Letta has decided to contract out the list in Puglia to the current of Michele Emiliano of which they are part Francesco Boccia And Antonio Decaro. Which made Stefano jump replaced by the head of cabinet of the governor.

Stefano has never been in line with Emiliano having challenged him to the primary when he was still sitting in the benches of the senate for the party of Vendola. He was the president of the junta of authorizations to proceed that he killed Berlusconi from Parliament. Stefano, who came from the UDC, from Vendola was also a regional councilor for agriculture. Note the positions of him no Tap. After Vendola’s oblivion, Stefano ran as an independent candidate in the Democratic Party in 2018, joining the party only after being elected. A year ago he suspended himself and only after Letta sent the reminders to the parliamentarians he didn’t regulate with payments, in the odor of elections he covered the amount he owed to the Party.

Today, faced with the announcement of non-reappointment, he announced that he was leaving the party with this letter: “I decided not to run with this Democratic Party in the next parliamentary elections and to hand over the card to Secretary Letta. The same secretary who, just a few months ago, asked me to remove my self-suspension from the PD, despite having fully shared the reasons that led to that choice. Mine is a painful decision – Stefano writes- determined by a series of errors of assessment that the Democratic Party is continuing to ring. Errors, both tactical and political strategy, which risk compromising the results of an intense work carried out throughout the legislature without stopping, and aimed at stemming, first of all, the effects of the pandemic and economic crisis, but also a populist and anti-European dangerous for Italy and for the next generations.

These errors, now settled – Stefano wrote on social media- they are generating a fatal detachment from that reformist, progressive and plural soul of which the Democratic Party and all of Italy are in urgent need. The secretary of the PD in Rome and someone else in Puglia, knowingly, pursue the goal of sacrificing this very soul of the party, which is also so important. Moreover, it is the same party that in a few hours sacrificed the Draghi agenda for an indistinct generalist program. At a time when it is more than ever necessary to show courage and clarity to face and stem sovereignties and populisms, in my region, Puglia, the Democratic Party is instead establishing a partnership with an opaque and convenient civism, in a pure logic of “Exchange of votes”, negotiating institutional positions and places of power, with which I personally have no reason to share anything. Let alone mortify the principles and beliefs to which I was educated and on which I inspired and built my life, private and public. I would like to thank Lorenzo, Luca, Alessandro, Andrea and Simona and all the colleagues and colleagues for the long journey we have made together: it has been a great experience, which I cannot continue further, if this forces me to renounce my values.

Finally, the warning: “For these reasons, you will not see my name written on the ballot papers above or next to the symbol of the Democratic Party.“.

Isn’t it that we will see the name of Dario Stefano again alongside yet another symbol?

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