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Marcell Jacobs is back in the spotlight thanks to his successes, having conquered the gold medal on 100 meters to Europeans. Obviously the incident generated great interest in Italy, but how was it experienced atabroad? Let’s find out how the outcome of the final of the queen competition of any athletics event was covered by the media of the rest of Europe.

In Great Britain the news passed in second floor, despite the silver of Zharnel Hughes and the bronze of Jeremiah Azu. The attention was in fact catalyzed by the women’s race, where the British had great ambitions, even caressing the idea of ​​making a double. Instead Darryl Neita she had to settle for bronze despite having reached the final with the best time, while Dina Asher-Smith she was the victim of a cramp that eliminated any chance of fighting for the podium. In any case, the Majesty print of her couldn’t help but pay homage to Jacobs by calling him “Too strong” for reigning champion Hughes and pointing out how the victory was “clear” despite injuries ruined much of his season.

In Germany, where the Europeans are competing, the script is similar. The women steal the show from men. But it could not be otherwise, since the new continental champion is really a German, Gina Lückenkempercapable of burning the Swiss Mujinga Kambundji and bringing back the flag schwarz-rot-gold on the roof of Europe twelve years after Verena Sailer’s triumph in 2010. In any case, Jacobs got one good visibility (certainly more than that reserved for him by the English and the like). The Teutonic press did not hesitate to define it “The affirmation of the favorite”especially after the outcome of the semifinals, and to underline how the Italian has equaled Linford Christiebecoming European Champion as the holder of Olympic gold (an aspect “mysteriously” omitted by the British).

Athletics, Marcell Jacobs fourth man to win both Olympic and European gold. Will the Triplet arrive in 2023?

In France, on the other hand, it is the 100 men who take the lead. The transalpines emphasize the uncertainty regarding Jacobs’ physical condition on the eve of the European Championship, highlighting however how the blue has given a clear answer on his state of health thanks to the time of the semifinal. Moreover, the Equipe recalled how the Italian certified his role as number 1 of the Old Continentassociating the gold medal of Monaco 2022 with the European record established last year in Tokyo (9 ”80).

Finally also in Spain the female test aroused more interest than that of the men, but above all by virtue of the presence of Maria Isabel Pèrez among the finalists. Nonetheless, when it came to talking about the male trial, Jacobs was treated with all the proper honors. The blue was called the “Big winner” of the 100, as well as author of “A perfect race”.

In short, overall they all are take off your hat in front of the Olympic and European champion. The English speakers, as usual, did it however with a more contracted and rigid movement than others, despite the alleged fair play of which, often self-referentially, they pride themselves on being distinguished …

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