Top 10 Bundesliga players followed slightly more than others

Hope, talent, revelations, many deserve their place in this top 10, but one has to choose. Here are 10 players to watch in the Bundesliga this season.

Lois Openda (Leipzig), a phenomenal progress

Transferred to RB Leipzig for €35m this summer, the Belgium striker has been making strides year on year. Trained in Bruges, the player who went through Speed ​​Club and RC Lens last season has been successful in each of his appearances. He may have only been with Sangs et Ors for a year but he must have left his mark at the club. Thanks to his performances, but above all his efficiency (21 goals and 4 assists in 42 games), he plays a key role in the French club’s qualification to the Champions League. Now a resident of RB Leipzig, the 23-year-old is at a turning point in his career. Holder of one of Germany’s best teams, regularly qualified in Europe, Openda has new responsibilities. The scorer on the first day showed that he was present, and as always, he looks set for a great season.

Xavi Simmons (Leipzig), finally on his feet

He is also a newcomer to RB Leipzig. On loan from Paris-Saint-Germain, the Dutchman is finally developing at the level that was expected of him. The boy prodigy, as he has often been called in the past, comes off an outstanding performance with PSV, where he was loaned out by the Parisian club. With 20 goals and 9 assists in 42 games, the midfielder was voted the best player of his team and certainly one of the best in the Eredivisie. If there isn’t a spot in his squad with PSG, the 20-year-old could take advantage of this experience with the German club to showcase his full potential. Technical, quick, with an excellent vision of the game, in a largely strong workforce, the Dutchman will clearly be one to watch throughout the year.

Friedrich Rono (Union Berlin), Berlin hero

Heroic, the Union Berlin goalkeeper couldn’t have started his season better. During the first day against Mainz, he distinguished himself by stopping two penalties. If the second didn’t draw too well, the Danish goalkeeper deserves credit for picking the right side in both attempts. This great performance is no coincidence. Last year, the 31-year-old was one of the heroes of his team. A moment at the top of the Bundesliga standings, Little Thumb had, out of nowhere, finished in fourth place in the championship. The Berlin club, which qualified for the first time in Champions League history, can thank its goalkeeper. Best defense in the Championship (38 goals conceded), he produced 15 clean sheets in 41 games. If the workforce is not prepared for the toughest European competitions, we still hope that Union Berlin will have enough to defend themselves but above all to watch the exploits of their Danish goalkeeper.

Danilo Doecki (Union Berlin), Champions League level?

If Ronov was heroic in the cages, Daniilho Doecki was right up front. The central defender of Union Berlin has played a key role during the short run of the Bundesliga. Defensively strong, his 90m dash impresses his opponents. Capable of contributing offensively (6 goals last season), he is one of the best centrals in the German Championship. Although he is only 25 years old, the Dutchman shows a certain maturity and shows a lot of experience in his intervention. This year he is playing in the Champions League for the first time, but this player already seems to have a high level in this competition. He will need his best if his team is to contain their opponents’ attacks.

Prince Harry (Bayern Munich) in the Bundesliga.

He is definitely the most anticipated player in the Championship, but we will also be following him very closely. Throughout the summer, the English striker may have been desired but he eventually chose the Bundesliga. After spending ten years with Tottenham, Kane was transferred to Bayern Munich for 110 million euros after a fierce battle between the two clubs. Robert Lewandowski’s successor arrives in a team designed for his style of play. Unlike Tottenham where he chased titles without ever succeeding, this time the trophies seem that much closer. If his seasons with Spurs have been outstanding in recent years (261 goals and 51 assists in 399 games), the English international has a real opportunity to mark his own history with the Bavarians. A lot of expectations are placed on him and there is no doubt that Number 9 will be able to live up to them.

Jeremy Frimpong (Leverkusen), centre-forward Statistic side

At the age of 22, Jeremy Frimpong is developing at his best with Bayern Leverkusen, who he joined during the 2020/2021 season. Explosive and hard-hitting, the Dutchman is capable of attacking both offensively and defensively. Evidence in support, last season he had 10 assists and found the back of the net 9 times. Unusual statistics for a player playing as a right back. His small size allows him to be more lively than his opponents and carry the ball a lot. On the first day against Leipzig, he started his season very well, with a goal and an assist. We have to be careful with this young player.

Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich), Bavarian Nugget

At the age of just 20, his name has become famous on the international stage. The net product of Bayern Munich is expected at the highest level and has already made his humble beginnings. After a full first season, where he featured in 40 games including 18 starts (a total of 8 goals and 5 assists), the midfielder, showing the range of his talents in the previous season, was also able to develop into attack. His 16 goals and 13 appearances in 47 games capped off a more than reassuring season. This season, the German will have to take a new step, and we hope he achieves great things.

Felix Nemecha (Dortmund) biding his time

Signed by Borussia Dortmund for 30 million euros during this summer’s transfer window, the Wolfsburg midfielder is very promising. Rather absolute, he is able to propel himself and lead aggressively. With transfer signing Jude Bellingham leaving for Real Madrid, the youngster will be key to the German vice-champions. If he is not established now, his time will not be long. He is in direct competition with Emre Can, and given the latter’s performance, it is a safe bet on the starting lineup changes during the course of the season. One thing is certain, the German will have plenty of playing time to prove his worth to his leaders.

Mathias Tell (Bayern) is not afraid of anything

Signed by Bayern for €28.5m in the summer of 2022 after just 10 matches with Rennes’ first team, Mathias Tell scored 5 goals in 22 Bundesliga appearances last season. When Bavarian leaders discussed a loan, the 18-year-old decided to stay at the club, convinced he had the means to gain even more playing time. And the kid proved that he was hungry from day one. came to 84th The very next minute he opened his goal tally in Bremen, coming on as a substitute for Harry Kane. In a Bayern squad poised to break offensive records, the Rennes-coached player is determined to be out in the game.

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