Top 10 cameos in famous movies by people we hate

Cameo is a concept in films and series that involves the appearance of a person who has no reason to be, a kind of friendly little wink. Yes, but now, some cameos are less enjoyable than others, especially after the fact. So of course, not everyone on this list should be put on the same level, in the sense that some are just obnoxious and others are far more dangerous, but in any case, we really don’t like to see them come to the fore. are right in the middle of the movies or series we appreciate.

Donald Trump in “Mom, I Missed the Plane Again”

This is perhaps one of the most famous cameos from the movies, and it’s also one of the most obnoxious: appearing to a billionaire who encouraged the attack on the Capitol and has been accused of multiple sexual assaults (to name just that) Is. The Christmas movie, well, that’s crazy. Maybe it was shot twenty years before that guy became President of the United States, we don’t like it.

Harvey Weinstein in the movie Barbie

You know, Harvey Weinstein is the Hollywood producer who was at the center of the first wave of #MeToo and who was convicted of multiple rapes and sexual assaults. Well in 2005, this same Weinstein appeared in an animated Barbie film My View: Hollywood Stars as himself. Wearing sunglasses on his nose, with Lindsay Lohan on, he stands in front of a group of girls who shout something like “Oh my god, it’s Hollywood’s greatest producer Harvey Weinstein”, Complete inconvenience.

Bruno Le Maire in the movie Quai d’Orsay

Okay, okay, Bruno Le Maire passing right behind Weinstein is unfair enough, so to clear things up: Obviously the two men shouldn’t be put on the same level. One is a criminal, and the other “just” causes great harm to all the French people and the planet. That being said, our current economy minister is to be seen in this great film Quai d’Orsay Made us feel like screamers from a horror movie. Let’s nevertheless underline his acting which deserves at least 12 Césars.

dr dre on training day

At one point, we would have appreciated Dr. Dre’s cameo in this film (which isn’t bad, though it smells a bit too much of the early 2000s). Yes, but here we are, now that we know that Dr. Dre is one of those singers who puffed up, especially after he’s been accused of beating him up by his former collaborators, so now we can see the same perspective. I am not Can’t it be cut during editing?

Kanye West in Love Guru

Well, the movie itself is already pure (Mike Myers, why did you do this to us?), but the presence of Kanye West makes it even worse. Later, in Kanye’s defense, the guy has a serious mental illness, so all we would like is for him to get treatment and not bring up racist stuff. Until then, let’s forget about that cameo and that movie.

chris brown in newport beach

when we were watching newport beach Chris Brown’s 2-3 appearance didn’t bother us at all, eating BN after class. Now that we know of his domestic violence history and rape allegations, it seems like we want to see less of his face on TV. strange eh

Frederick Begbeder in 99 francs

After all, can we really stop him from starring in a movie based on his own book? Yes, to be honest, we could.

Bill Cosby in Jack

JackWell, this is one of the childhood movies of the ’90s kids, so knowing that playing Jack’s guardian in this movie is none other than Bill Cosby, who has been accused of dozens of sexual assaults (including some minors) There was an allegation, it seems a slight blow to the morale. We can at least console ourselves by saying that Robin Williams has never let us down (please don’t let him ever).

Elon Musk in The Big Bang Theory

The megalomaniacal billionaire, who hopes to be able to implant microchips in our brains in the next few years, appeared in the nerd’s favorite series in 2015. He was doing his part and volunteering at a community center for Thanksgiving. Obviously this is the kind of thing he would never do in real life. At the time, it was ridiculous, but now that we know Elon Musk is a super villain, it just sucks.

Elon Musk in Iron Man 2

five years before it appeared big bang theory(pretty much) rich Elon had already covered himself in iron Man 2, because you understand, “Tony Stark, it’s a little Elon Musk”, Such a presence is praised more because it breaks the fourth wall and makes the viewer forget that he is in a movie. Cameo should exercise extreme caution. And it will have to live without Elon Musk.

(Bonus) Elon Musk in Machete Kills, Rick and Morty, Transcendence, Young Sheldon, South Park, The Simpsons, Men in Black: International, Men in Black: International…

Well, is it possible to watch a movie or series without seeing Elon Musk’s face?

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