Top 10 Easter Eggs and Flavorings from Forza Horizon

The recent premiere of the wonderful Forza Horizon 5 is a great opportunity to take a closer look at the environment in this production and the worlds from previous releases of the series. It is definitely worth visiting here at a slower pace, in the Free Roam mode, because the developers have prepared a lot of attractive details and Easter Eggs for us. Here is a list of the most interesting finds of this type.

10. Forza Horizon 5 – sign with locations

Perceptive players noticed a road sign in the world of Forza Horizon 5, on which the developers placed the names of the places where the previous 4 installments of the series took place. A small flavor that pleases the eye of a fan.

9. Forza Horizon 4 – a reference to Dark Souls

In the description of one of the events available in Forza Horizon 4, the developers included a reference to Dark Souls. The taste can be found in the description of the Edinburgh City Sprint series, with the struggle, where we race the Datsun 510. “Praise the DatSUN” is of course a paraphrase of the iconic attitude of Solaire from Dark Souls, which has grown into a meme related to “Praise the Sun” sun “).

8. Forza Horizon 4 – real registration numbers

In Forza Horizon 4 you can come across a Ford Escort with registration numbers B729PEF. Players checked this “plate” against a real car database and found that exactly this number belonged to a 1985 Escort, driving with exactly the same paint color, until 1997, in real life. It was probably an old, beloved car of one of the game developers. Great flavor!

7. Forza Horizon 4 and 5 – references to Initial D

The Forza Horizon series is full of obvious references to the excellent manga / anime “Initial D”. First of all, it is the presence of Toyota Corolla AE86 in the game in a characteristic livery, known from the animated series. Developers can refer to the iconic work of Shuichi Shigeno even more. In Forza Horizon 4 we can find, for example, textual references to music known from the series and in Forza Horizon 5 Jaimin mentions this brand directly (check the video below).

6. Forza Horizon 4 – Quattro shot from “Rise from the Ashes”

In Forza Horizon 4 you can find a reference to the British series “Ashes to Ashes”. In this production, Gene Hunt drove exactly the Audi Sport Quattro model that can be found in the game in dilapidated form, shelled with bullets. The car from the series also served as a target at one point in the narrative.

5. Forza Horizon 3 – magazines with game covers

It’s time for a well-hidden Easter Egg for the most observant people. When you drive up to a store in Forza Horizon 3, you can see through the glass of that store a stand with warehouses. In addition to various vague periodicals, there are newspapers with graphics that embellished the covers of the boxed editions of Forza Horizon 2.

4. Forza Horizon 4 – quote from “Fast and Furious”

Already in Forza Horizon 2 there are several references to the series of films “Fast and furious” (even in the achievements). Recently, the flavor of “The Fast and the Furious” appeared in Forza Horizon 4. On the ground in the festival zone, we can find postcards / leaflets with the words “Too Soon Junior”, i.e. with the line spoken in the first film of the series by Johnny Tran. .

3. Forza Horizon 5 – almost like Rocket League

You can drive into the big stadium at the heart of the Forza Horizon 5 map. On the pitch of the facility, we find a huge football that evokes associations with Rocket League. This is the perfect opportunity to play a bounce car ball game here with your friends.

2. Forza Horizon 3 – speed from “Back to the Future”

In Free Roam mode, you can discover some interesting facts in Forza Horizon 3. For example, the trains in the game travel at 141 km / h (88 mph). Always and everywhere. This is obviously an Easter Egg referring to the scene from driving a car by train from “Back to the Future”. DeLorean needed 88mph to make the time jump.

1. Forza Horizon 4 and 5 – Horn sounds from Doom, Halo and other games

The sounds of horns in Forza Horizon 5 are a mine of Easter Eggs referring to other games. In the game, you can unlock a sound signal with a melody known from Doom or a music theme related to Banjo-Kazooie from Nintendo 64. However, this is only the beginning of this easter egg mine of flavors for game fans, because Forza Horizon 5 also provides audio references to The Outer Worlds, Ori and the Blind Forest, Battletoads, Killer Instinct and Sea of ​​Thieves or Halo. Similar flavors have already appeared before, also in Forza Horizon 4.

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