Top 10 of the stars who work the most, job job job

Needless to say: if some people like reality TV candidates and their horrible diets do not make us want to have them as models, others like generous stars seem to us much more pleasant to take as an example. This is also the case for these mega-hardworking stars who don’t make a fuss of it. They just do their job properly after all.


Impossible to make a top without telling you about the Marseille rapper with six million albums sold. You only have to look at his discography to realize that the guy is a hard worker: since the start of his career in 2014, Jul has released no less than 19 studio albums and 11 mixtapes. That’s 30 productions in 9 years guys. 30 PRODUCTIONS! Not to mention reissues and collaborative albums. And not to mention that each album generally contains between 15 and 20 songs, or even are double-CDs like White Heart. At the same time, knowing that the bug spends only three to four hours on music, no wonder he is overproductive.

Michael B.Jordan

For Creed 3, the actor had a diet and an amazing sports program that gave him this impressive musculature. At the same time, you should know that the guy typed two workouts of 1:30 a day, six times a week for four months (anxiety). He also ate a lot of turkeys, rice and eggs, which in the end allowed him to gain 15 kilos of muscle. Personally, I wouldn’t try to mess with this guy.

James Franco

In 2015 alone, the actor acted, produced and wrote no less than 19 films and series. 19 guys. 19. The guy is a machine, yes yes.

For Black Swan, Natalie Portman did a lot of swimming and danced 5 hours a day

Asked by The Inrocks on her preparation before taking on the role of Nina in black swan, Natalie Portman revealed that she “started swimming a mile and a half a day six months before filming and did five hours of ballet”. Then, two months before shooting, she went straight to eight hours of training a day. The girl doesn’t do things by halves.


For her two-hour performance at Coachella in 2018, the star pulled out all the stops. For eight months, she trained nearly 11 hours a day with her hundred dancers, while following a drastic diet to be in shape on the day of the show. All this while also managing her twins, born a few months earlier. There you go… We’re Beyoncé or we’re not.

Gordon Ramsay

According to his statements on the set of a TV show, chef Gordon Ramsay would work until 4 p.m. a day and get up at 5 a.m. every morning, after only 3 hours of sleep. No wonder he’s a bit fussy when he sees dirty kitchens and disgusting food. Three hours of sleep in the body, in general, it does not feel good.

Dolly Parton

The singer of “Jolene” has, among other things, signed 3,000 songs, produced 51 albums, been an actress and producer and has written children’s books. Besides that, she also saved an amusement park from bankruptcy and produced a series for Netflix. Who can sit at his table and say he works harder than her?

Myke Tyson

As you can imagine, to remain a good boxer, Myke Tyson followed very strict training. But then very very strict. Six days a week, he got up at 4 a.m. to go for a jog, before continuing with 2,000 sit-ups (the exercise for the abs where you raise your chest from the ground to the knees), then 2,000 squats , but also 500 push-ups, 500 dips and a whole bunch of other exercises that make you want to go back to bed. Of course, besides that, he also had boxing training and whatnot. But don’t worry, 50 abs during the month of January before giving up is good too.

Fred Rogers

The famous American animator Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood showed daily how grateful he was to his audience and his work, because he responded to the hundreds of letters he received every day. That was his morning routine: answering letters from his fans. Own.

Miley Cyrus

When she was barely 14 years old, Miley Cyrus had to manage a crazy schedule next to the filming of Hannah Montana. Between round trips to a concert on the weekend, waking up at 5:30 a.m. for a day of interviews and other moments of grace, this brave Miley did not have much time to rest during her adolescence if you ask me.

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