Top 22 historical events summed up in the stupidest way ever

Hi my little quail, as you know we like to work you a little (it’s a Friday, it’s June, it’s already 4000°C and it’s custom that we open the rosé at 5pm) . It has to be said that you were particularly talented at bringing up badly summarized cult movies, or badly summarized books or even badly summarized board games. So we decided to challenge you to summarize historical events and obviously you love rotten summaries. here is a small sample of your most beautiful answer,

it’s going to carnage

We say so, but if it were to happen, if Adolf Hitler had been taken to the Beaux Arts he could have done worse.

sacred little piece of a woman

His story is a bit dark but good.

And then we made a holiday in his honor

when he was a bad guy.

And once in a while there’s a leader with a coffee stain on his head

ok there you go. 6 months of lessons saved to summarize the Cold War. Now there are many more movies to watch till the end of the year.

and at the same time as CDG they said they understood

A man whose head was a little too big…

…but who was still able to become the first Emperor of France.

MDR long live thyroid cancer

Easy: we’ve already talked about that above

he give me bourbon this boy

The Order of Nantes is really good but it doesn’t fit Lady Gaga.

wow but real life story

dirty era 1793

Get to Blow Pasquier Brioche

Mouiff, it’s not even true, it’s part of the received views about Marie-Antoinette, but I accept it.

and then we set off fireworks

Charles III, in our hearts

…and then there’s a movie with a sex scene in a car

and our…

Man sees a fruit falling and he invents the word “gravity” when it wasn’t so severe in real life

The good news is that Newton ate apples with a short circuit that time.

There is a wall that is badly shaken and people are fed up that no one pays for the masonry work so they decide to break down the wall after eating their Apfelstrudel and then there was the European Union

And then we went there for the weekend because the beer was cheap.

He is a man. He broke a vase. Well it won’t start again.

And then we put in the sentence “Remember the Soisson Vase” to remind people that revenge is a dish best eaten moderately cold (the year-round cold kind). And also that Clovis was a passionate man.

it’s a fight named after a subway station where there’s a guy who surrenders when he was playing asterix and then we all had to learn latin in lv2

I heard it’s called the erection wars or something.

A Serbian nationalist dies, you can never guess what the consequences will be on the sequel???

Ah yes the problem is it was Archduke-heir François-Ferdinand of Austria and it made a world war-like mess a bit.

1940: It’s not like a general makes a phone call and he makes a whole binge.

1962: Contrex Bottle Agreement

It’s been 19 years trying to nail this valve in vain, now I will be able to rest in my feet.

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