Top 8 of the biggest celebrity fees for festivals, it feels

Here we are, taking advantage of the different types of festival in summer thanks to the little secrets for a successful party, and what do the artists do? They dig deep with our love of music. So yes, ok, maybe it’s a bit their job. Nevertheless, some are very happy with their pay. I wish I could negotiate my salary as well personally.

Billie Eilish received 1.5 million euros for her concert at Rock en Seine in 2023

The sum may surprise, and that’s why we made this top, because the revelation of this cachet caused a lot of noise. And yet, Billie Eilish is far from being the best paid party. Be careful, it is still very very expensive when you know that artists like Angèle or Orelsan would receive around 250,000 euros to play at a festival. It doesn’t suck.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers pocketed 2 million euros to play Les Vieilles Charrues in 2023

For a festival where we mostly come across Bretons high on cider, it’s still very expensive to pay. But hey, the organizers of the festoche have, as you have seen, the gift of putting their hands in their wallets to bring the stars of phew to Carhaix-Plouguer and delight the spectators. People that they are like that (imagine me raising my thumb).

Depeche Mode received several million euros to perform at Les Vieilles Charrues in 2019

This was revealed The Parisian, because contractually speaking, we don’t have the right to reveal the exact amount spent to pay for the arrival of an artist. Still, there were six zeros in the sum received by the British group following their show in Charhaix.

Bruce Springsteen received 1 million euros for his concert at Les Vieilles Charrues in 2009

At the time, this price caused a total scandal because never had an artist been paid so much for a festival performance in France. But since then, the Covid has been there, the demands of stars and their teams have increased and festival organizers must now sell kidneys, women, children and PEL to have a big headliner.

Iron Maiden have been paid 2 million euros to play Hellfest in 2023

To want to come and bury yourself in Clisson, you have to touch a certain jackpot, which is why the Iron Maiden group asked for 2 million euros. With such a sum, they could even buy Clisson, but we understand that they did not make this choice.

Metallica received 3 million euros in fees to play at Hellfest in 2022

It’s funny because when you believe that an artist has already touched a lot and that it is not possible to ask for more money and well another artist arrives saying “Mdr, go okay” and spreads his money in front of your eyes before rolling around in it, giggling.

Guns N’ Roses Earned $14 Million for Performing at Coachella Twice

Already, for its visit to the Werchter Classic festival in 2017, the group Guns N’Roses had received a fee of 3 million dollars. Not filthy. But in 2016, the group squarely received 14 million dollars for two concert nights at Coachella, or 7 million per show. There you go. And you your Smic, how are you?

Kendrick Lamar touched at least a million for his presence at the Ardentes in 2023

He therefore adds his sweet name to the list of artists who ask for this sum in festivals, among which we count Madonna, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake. Are u ankles Fine ?? We don’t bother????

If this top made you want to stay on your sofa, then you’re probably too old to go to festivals.

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